SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 21, 1995–According to video game enthusiasts, it was well worth the wait. 

Atari Corp.’s highly anticipated multimedia compact disc player for the Jaguar 64 interactive home entertainment system has hit the stores and is jumping off the shelves. 

Atari has already sold out of its first production run of the CD peripheral and is stepping up production to fill the high demand of retailers’ reorders. 

“Our first order of Jaguar CDs has been largely consumed by our customer pre-orders,” said Peter Roithmayr, senior buyer from Electronics Boutique. “We have already reordered and are excited by the strong sales we are seeing for the Jaguar CD.” 

The combination of the Jaguar 64-bit console and the advanced CD technology yields a system with explosive power. As the first CD system coupled with 64-bit technology to hit the market, the Jaguar CD is on the leading edge of “next generation” home entertainment systems at only $149.95. 

Gamers experience intense true color, full motion video, and CD-quality stereo sound when upgrading to the Jaguar CD system. The CD component plugs into the Jaguar 64 console providing 790 Megabytes of raw data storage. Approximately 15 Jaguar CD titles will be available for sale later this year including hits like Myst, Primal Rage from Time Warner Interactive, Black ICE/White Noise, Highlander and Commander Blood. 

“The launch of our Jaguar CD exemplifies Atari Corporation’s commitment to providing consumers value priced components for their Atari entertainment systems,” said Ted Hoff, president of Atari’s North American Operations. “Now, Jaguar owners can quickly and economically upgrade to a CD system and dramatically enhance their gaming experience.” 

In addition to the awesome gaming capabilities, the Jaguar CD elevates home entertainment to an entirely new level as it plays audio disks while providing simultaneous access to Atari’s cartridge media. 

Players can experience a laser light show in their own homes with The Virtual Light Machine that is built into the Jaguar CD system. As audio disks play on the Jaguar CD, The Virtual Light Machine morphs, contorts and pulsates psychedelic light with the beat of the music. 

With a suggested retail price of only $149.95, the Jaguar CD system is undoubtedly the best value on the market. Atari, however, takes their commitment to value-pricing one step further in giving Jaguar consumers a bonus pack with the CD peripheral. More than $100 in fast-action interactive software will be included free with the system. The software bonus pack contains: 

  • Blue Lightning — Gamers pilot a plane from a squadron of  United Nations operatives as they fight to stop General Drako, the UN member turned terrorist. Players design flight plans and use their quick maneuvering skills to destroy key enemy locations and bases. 
  • Vid Grid — An innovative way to “play” music videos. As players watch the video, the screen is divided into squares and placed out of order. Players must unscramble each video before it finishes playing. Vid Grid features videos from hot rock artists Guns ‘n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, and Soundgarden. 
  • Myst — Jaguar CD consumers will be treated to a demo of the first level of gameplay for this wildly popular title. Players must use their intellect to unlock the secrets of ages past. Every detail, no matter how insignificant it first seems, could be the key to unlocking the mystery. 
  • Tempest 2000 — Consumers receive the audio CD to this all-time favorite Atari hit. With Jaguar CD capabilities, the Tempest 2000 soundtrack can be played simultaneously with cartridge media or with The Virtual Light Machine. 

The Jaguar CD peripheral with the bonus software pack-in is available in stores nationwide. Atari notified tens of thousands of Jaguar 64 users of the new Jaguar CD release through the company’s new Jaguar First Alert consumer postcard program. 

For more than twenty years, Atari has provided consumers with high quality, value-priced entertainment. Atari markets Jaguar, the only American-made advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located in Sunnyvale.

Atari, the Atari logo and Jaguar are trademarks or registered trademarks of Atari Corp. All rights reserved. All listed software is authorized by Atari for use with the Jaguar 64-Bit Multimedia System. 

VID GRID copyright 1994-1995 Geffen Records Inc. and Jasmine Multimedia Publishing. All rights reserved. Produced by Norman Bell and Jasmine Multimedia Publishing. Licensed to Atari Corp. Vid Grid is a trademark of Jasmine Multimedia Publishing and Geffen Records Inc. 

MYST software copyright 1993 Cyan Inc. and Sun Corp. All rights reserved. Atari Jaguar Adaptation (Worldwide) copyright 1995 Atari Corp. All rights reserved. Myst is a registered trademark of Cyan Inc. 

Blue Lightning copyright 1989, 1995 Epyx. All rights reserved. Copyright 1995 Atari Corp. Blue Lightning is a trademark of Epyx, licensed for use by Atari Corp. 

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