FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 13, 1995–Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) Monday announced that its critically acclaimed car combat game, Twisted Metal, will be available for the Sony PlayStation in North American retail outlets this week. 

Twisted Metal is a car-to-car combat game that challenges players to chase down their opponents through 3-D rendered, “live” environments. The game takes place on the streets of a futuristic Los Angeles where players have the run of the city — there are no pre-set tracks or course. Players can literally cut through parks, drive on sidewalks and fly off bridges as they hunt down their quarry. 

“Twisted Metal is a new breed of video game,” said Peter Dille, marketing product director, SCEA. “We’ve recreated a huge, 3-D city, in which the player and his/her opponent can roam around in a `search and destroy’ driving game.” 

Players choose from 12 high-tech vehicles armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons to combat opponents in six 3-D environments. The road to victory begins in an arena setting, where players must destroy an opponent’s vehicle before proceeding. They then will progress to the warehouse district, travel across freeways, forge into “River Park,” discover cyburbia and finally arrive at their final showdown on the rooftops of Los Angeles’ skyscrapers. Vehicles include a demonic ice cream truck, a “whacked-out” taxi, a psycho-European-exotic and a police car with its own form of law. Each is equipped with advanced missile launchers and machine guns, and are able to pick-up special weapons along the way. 

The storyline begins with a madman named Calypso, who summons the player to join a deadly contest on the streets of Los Angeles. The prize is to have their ultimate fantasy or desire fulfilled. To win the battle, all other cars in the competition must be destroyed. A one- or two-player competitive video game, Twisted Metal has four playing perspectives, including POV (dashboard), a “blimp view” and two third-person perspective views. 

Sony Computer Entertainment America, a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., is based in Foster City. The company markets the PlayStation for distribution in North America, publishes PlayStation software for the North American market, and manages the U.S. third party licensing program. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Corp. of America, has headquarters in New York. 

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