FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 19, 1996–In anticipation of the long-awaited debut of the original 3D character-based game Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation game console, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) launched a pre-buy program allowing consumers to Crash in early to reserve a copy of the game title. 

Crash Bandicoot will be released September 9th marking the first anniversary of the PlayStation game console, the best-selling next-generation videogame system. 

Beginning in August, consumers can reserve a copy of Crash Bandicoot by visiting one of the more than 12,000 storefronts — from major retailers to small independents — that are participating in the program nationwide, while supplies last. Consumers can contact SCEA’s toll-free number at 800/239-SONY (7669) to determine the location of the nearest participating merchant. Each retailer will establish the specific parameters for the pre-buy program in their store or chain. 

Once enrolled in the program, participants will receive a free alternative music CD featuring 11 cutting-edge Sony Music artists. The program will also be supported by point-of-purchase materials, advertisements in major videogame magazines and in-store posters, videos and brochures. 

“We are enjoying tremendous PlayStation sales success and are providing our present and future fans an exclusive game title that will revolutionize the videogame experience — Crash Bandicoot,” said Jack Tretton, vice president of sales, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We created the Crash Bandicoot pre-buy program with the retail community and consumers in mind so that customers will not walk away empty-handed on September 9th.” 

Crash Bandicoot is set on a small, three island chain off the southeast coast of Australia, where maniacal scientist Dr. Neo Cortex and his assistant Dr. N. Brio have created two diabolical machines to brainwash the various creatures indigenous to the island, in a quest for world domination. Dr. Cortex’s greatest failure while brainwashing the animals has been Crash Bandicoot, who realizes that what the doctor is doing to the animals is wrong. Frustrated by his inability to control Crash, Dr. Cortex boots him out of his castle, and turns to his next subject, Crash’s girlfriend Tawna. Washing up two island away, Crash resolves to get back to the castle, defeat Dr. Cortex, and save Tawna. The player now enters the picture, with the challenge of more than 30 levels ahead of them. 

Gamers will experience the sensation of a fully animated cartoon coming to life with various rendered characters with real personalities, music and sound effects scored by professional movie effect editors, all in a fully- maneuverable 3D world. 

Crash Bandicoot was created and developed for Universal Interactive Studios, Inc. (UIS) by Naughty Dog, Inc., an independent development company working at the UIS headquarters on the Universal Studios lot in Universal City, California. 

Universal Interactive Studios, Inc. is a subsidiary of MCA INC., a unit of The Seagram Company Ltd., a global beverage and entertainment/communications company. UIS develops and publishes video game software for a variety of platforms based on both original concepts and MCA-owned motion picture and television properties. 

Sony Computer Entertainment America, a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., is based in Foster City, Calif. The company markets the PlayStation game console for distribution in North America, publishes software for the PlayStation game console for the North American market, and manages the U.S. third party licensing program. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. 


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