To celebrate the release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on PC, we’ve got some brand new concept art for you!

The critically acclaimed standalone spin-off adventure Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has been revamped for the PC with stunning high-resolution graphics and enhanced PC features. The single player campaign comes from the darkest corners of the ‘Night Springs’, a Twilight Zone inspired fiction. When Wake becomes stuck in the alternate shadowed world of Night Springs, he must hunt down his evil double, Mr. Scratch, to find answers.

The game also includes the pulse-pounding “Fight till Dawn” arcade mode, which places Wake in the battle of his life. Players are tasked with surviving a full night of brutal onslaughts while racking up the highest score. Surviving until dawn is only the beginning though, as online leaderboards pit friends head-to-head to see who the real champion of light is.

Here is some new concept art:

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be available for $14.99 through Steam and GOG on May 22, and in retail outlets soon after via publisher Nordic Games.


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