Cardinals first baseman to have further tests to see if there is any ACL damage in right knee.

An MRI revealed Monday that St. Louis Cardinals First Baseman, Lance Berkman has suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee in addition to torn cartilage. Further injury to the ACL was not found during this round of tests but, has not been ruled out at this time.

According to, Berkman is scheduled to fly to Vail, Colo., later this week to have Dr. Richard Steadman provide a second opinion. At the minimum, Berkman will undergo a scope to repair damage to the meniscus. During the procedure, it will be determined whether the ACL has been compromised and would also require repair.

Berkman will be sidelined a minimum of 6-8 weeks but, if there is a tear in the ACL, he’ll miss the rest of the season. He has already had his ACL repaired once before and had this to say about it.

“It’s effectiveness is debatable, considering the way I got hurt,” he said. “The major concern right now is: Is it effective in protecting that joint from sliding around? All the evidence points to that it’s not.”



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