A nail-biting overtime for Rangers fans turns into heartbreak as the Devils put the final nail in their coffin.

Believe. That’s the slogan the New York Rangers marketed on t-shirts for their fans to purchase, and believe they did but, sometimes believing just isn’t enough. This was one of those times. The former Windsor Spitfire, Adam Henrique sent the Rangers home 1:03 into overtime and sent the Devils back to the Stanley Cup Finals once again.

It was a very tame game for the most part with very little penalties being called. Each team knew the significance of a penalty call and that they couldn’t afford to take one.

The Devils had goals in the first period from Ryan Carter (assisted by Gionta and Bernier) and Ilya Kovalchuk (assisted by Zubrus and Clarkson). The Rangers countered with goals in the second period from Ruslan Fedotenko (assisted by McDonaugh and Richards) and Ryan Callahan (assisted by Girardi and McDonaugh).

The third proved even and brought the teams to overtime where an unlikely hero emerged as Adam Henrique ended the series and pushed the Devils into the Stanley Cup Finals on a goal assisted by Kovalchuk and Ponikarovsky.

The Devils will face the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. It should be an excellent series!


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