Asian and European players are having a lot of issues affecting the enjoyment of the long-awaited game.

It seems that Diablo III’s launch hasn’t been the best of times for players in Europe and Asia. Asian players with digital copies are seeing “Error 12” meaning that no license is attached which is obviously a huge problem. GMs have been flagging the accounts to bypass the error.

Bashiok, a Community Manager for Diablo 3 had this to say, “Due to some account complexities that affect Korea and Taiwan accounts we’re running into some very specific issues that are producing this error. We believe we’ve nailed the last of them down and are working on a solution. Knock on wood but these specific account complexities are unique to the Asia region, and shouldn’t affect the Europe or Americas launches.”

Time will tell if that error doesn’t happen to American or European players.

European players are actually encountering another error though. “Error 37” meaning login servers are over capacity is a common one but, another, “Error 75” is also being experienced referring to a temporary outage.

On Error 37 Bashiok had this to say, “EU is live, and the service is looking solid except there are more people attempting to log in than the system can process (which is a lot), which results in an Error 37.”

When asked about Error 75 he says,”Yeah I spoke too soon, there’s a ton of people in-game playing already but the initial rush caused something to melt on the initial login/authentication service.”

With the American launch on the horizon, we’ll see if any errors come with it. Hopefully, these other errors will get sorted out and players will get to play the game they’ve waited a long time for.



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