Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen (ゴルビのパイプライン大作戦) was developed by Compile and published by Tokuma Shoten. It was released in Japan in 1991. It is a puzzle game, similar to Pipe Dream for the Game Boy. What makes this game unique is its storyline, featuring Gorby (which is the Japanese name for Gorbachev, the former USSR president). Who ever thought he would get his own video game? ;D

Much like Tetris you have falling blocks which you will have to place in the correct order. However these blocks contain pipes which you will have to match so that you will get a line that connects.

Gameplay stage 1

The music has a russian feeling to it, and reminds you of Tetris. When you progress through the stages the level music also changes between several different songs. The main purpose is to build a pipeline throughout Russia, so after each completed stage you will see a map where the pipeline has reached a little bit further.

Stage map

It’s a really good puzzle game, but a bit harder to get into than Tetris. People who are into puzzle games should really enjoy it. You don’t get to see Gorbachev much more than in the title screen though.

Gorby no Pipeline title screen



Graphics 6/10

[box_dark]It has decent graphics for a puzzle game for the 8bit system.[/box_dark]

Music: 7/10

[box_dark]Varies with different stages and is great for a puzzle game. The russian-Tetris-like-themes are always appreciated when you’re playing puzzle games ^_^[/box_dark]

Gameplay 8/10

[box_dark]The controls are smooth, and it’s easy to figure out how to control the blocks. There are also a few extras thrown in, like drills destroying a whole row in case you put something wrong and other powerups along the way. A puzzle game like this is always re-playable since there is no definite story to go through, like Tetris you will always have different outcomes depending on your own skill level.[/box_dark]

Japanese 10/10

[box_dark]There is no japanese in the game except for the title screen, so no knowledge of the language is required to play this game.[/box_dark]

Total: 31/40

[box_dark]A high score for a puzzle game, it’s good for a few hours of entertainment, and always something you can go back to at a later time.[/box_dark]


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