Hebereke (へべれけ in Japanese) is a game developed by Sunsoft in 1991, it’s success lead to several sequels, like Hebereke no Popoon for the Super Famicom. The game is also known as Uforia in the US and Europe.

Hebereke cartridge for Famicom

Both the Famicom version of Hebereke and the NES Uforia are quite hard to come by today, and when they do appear on auction sites like Ebay they are usually quite expensive. This is not to be confused with the cheaper sequels for the SNES or Super Famicom.

Start screen

The first Hebereke is a platforming game where you begin to play as the main character Hebe, a white penguin. You unlock new playable characters all with different qualities throughout the game.

Hebe fighting O-chan

There are four playable characters in total. All the characters in the game are really cute.

Hebe riding a happy helpful platform

The whole game is a bit of maze with many roads leading to dead ends if you don’t have the correct character which can either jump far enough or swim through water etc. So you will have to go back and forth a lot of find chests with helpful items along the way.

O-chan reaching a dead end

I will be distributing scores at the end of each review to get a total of the game, so people will know if it’s a worthy game to obtain. The Japanese is to tell whether the game contains a lot of text where you will need to know japanese in order to play it. A higher number means you need less knowledge of the language and a smaller number means there might be a difficulty because of the language to understand how to play.


Graphics 8/10

A lot of detail put into the characters and also the environments. It’s also extremely cute!

Music: 7/10

Varies with different areas of the map and is quite catchy.

Gameplay 9/10

 It sure gives for a lot of hours of gameplay with all the running back and forth. The controls are smooth and the abilities changes with each new playable character you encounter. It’s also a lot of fun!

Japanese 8/10

There are some japanese in the game, but I managed to walk around and discover things without having understood the story.

Total: 32/40

All in all a good score. I would consider anything above 20 worth looking for! ^_^


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