Gutsu and Truffles make their way to Fruit Ninja as well as some brand new power-ups!

This Thursday on May 24th, Fruit Ninja becomes bigger with new characters, new game content and a global giveaway to give something back to the fans who have supported Halfbrick over two very exciting years!

The new content update will include:

  • Welcome Gutsu and Truffles: Joining Sensei in the legendary dojo are Gutsu and Truffles, best friends and business partners. Traveling merchants, they have set up shop and welcome all to check out their wares in the new Gutsu’s Cart menu.
  • Powerups: Announcing Berry Blast, Peachy Time and Bomb Deflects – three new items to purchase from Gutsu’s Cart. Explode with juice, add time to your game or deflect those pesky bombs with these awesome additions. Powerups can be obtained by spending Starfruit, which is the new currency collected at the end of every game based on your ninja skills.


Here’s some screenshots for the update:

Fruit Ninja is available for download through the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Fruit Ninja HD for iPad is available for $2.99.


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