A little late but, here’s this week’s Impact Wrestling Wrap-Up with the Open Fight Night qualifiers being showcased on this week’s edition as well as a shocking AJ Styles revelation.

Impact open with Bobby Roode talking about how great and dominant he’s been as champion. It’s always great to hear Roode on the mic because face or heel, he always has a compelling argument on anything that he does. He went on to talk about how in 7 days he will be the longest reigning TNA Champion in Impact Wrestling history. Hogan gets called out and makes it to the ring where Roode demands a private dressing room makeover, champagne, only green M&M’s, and gold confetti from Canada. Hogan says he doesn’t have any records yet and rips up the list. Hogan then announced that next week is Open Fight Night and that Roode would be defending the TNA Championship and that a few of Roode’s friends agreed to step-up to the challenge. A good portion of the locker room comes out and we’re going to have to trim some of these competitors down so, we’re going to have RVD vs. Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, and a wild card Battle Royal to determine. Still unclear what happens to the four qualifiers though, that much was not explained properly which is a pretty important part to not understand. TNA seems to try too many different things while missing some core mechanics, like making sure everyone knows what happens with the winners of tournaments.

1) Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam in a OFN Qualifier

RVD goes to the top rope and clutches his knee, Ray misses the top rope kick but, RVD is clutching his knee again. Ray hits RVD with the cutter for the win.

Winner and OFN Qualifier, Bully Ray

Quick match that didn’t hurt RVD, it’s a wonder he was even wrestling after the setback at the PPV. Ray gets some heat back and qualifies for OFN.

Quick promo from Ray backstage, telling Joseph Park to stay away after Park mentions the “too close to the fire remark”.

King Mo is coming to TNA and Belator and we get a spot from MMA Uncensored Live promoting it. More crossovers.

Another promo backstage between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim where Gail is complaining to Rayne but, Rayne is distracted. Kim asked if it was because of “that guy”, Madison says “no”, but he face says yes. Madison leaves and Brooke and Velvet show up to taunt Gail.

Austin Aries makes his entrance sporting some nice welts from an insanely scary PPV bump landing back first on the guard rails.

2) 10 Man-1Woman Battle Royal OFN Qualifier

Austin Aries, Eric Young, ODB, A.J. Styles, Robbie E, Robbie T, Gunner, Garett Bischoff, Magnus, Devon, and Crimson. Young, Crimson, and ODB were eliminated all together first off. Magnus is eliminated by Aries.

Madison is smitten by someone in the ring as she makes her way on stage. Robbie E eliminated Robbie T. Devon eliminated Robbie E. Garrett Bischoff eliminated Devon by pulling down the top rope as Devon lunged at him. Garrett thought about shaking Devon’s hand but pulled back to avoid the pull down. He walked into a Pele Kick from Styles, who eliminated him. With Gunner down in the corner, Styles and Aries faced off. Gunner recovered and eliminated Aries and Styles quickly eliminated Gunner to win the match.

Winner and OFN Qualifier, AJ Styles

Good Battle Royal, nowhere near as great as Taz was playing it up but, it had its moments.

Styles is in the ring now talking about how he’d win the TNA Championship next week if Hogan put him in there with Roode. He then went on to say that photos aren’t always as they seem. He said they’re both happily married and that things are not always as they seem.

Kazarian and Daniels come out and Daniels says the photos are proof of how Styles got to where he is today. Kazarian takes the mic and says “it’s not about humiliating Styles, it’s about exposing the truth”. Daniels said they could have taken one image out of context, but that’s why they invented video. They held up an iPad and played footage of Styles and Dixie walking arm and arm at a hotel and Styles pulling Dixie into the room by hand. Styles told Daniels to shut up and left the ring. Daniels told Kazarian that Styles was reacting that way because the truth hurts then put his arms up and said, “that’s his explanation”.

Daniels is so good on the mic that he can pretty much carry any segment as he did with this one. He;e been one of the best guys in TNA on the mic and I can’t wait to see how this angle plays out in the coming weeks. I can see there being some easy explanation for all of this.

Joe and Angle are backstage talking until Joe talks about making the first move and Kurt slaps him and they brawl until officials break them up.

3) Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy OFN Qualifier

Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, Anderson misses it and hits a Senton Roll but, Hardy hooks the arms for the 3 count.

Winner and OFN Qualifier, Jeff Hardy

Hardy qualifies for a chance to have a shot at the title. Yes, it’s a chance to be considered for a title match. What a tournament.

4) Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

The challengers clear the champions and then face off. Later, Velvet attempts an odd-looking move on Brooke and Gail came in to take Velvet out and steal the pinfall for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim.

5) Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle OFN Qualifier

The two had a great looking match that ended in a flurry. Angle applied the ankle lock and Joe got out of it. Angle charged at Joe in the corner. Joe caught him and slammed him down with one arm. Later, Joe had Angle on the ropes. Angle head-butted him. Joe charged and Angle did a sunset flip off the second rope and scored the clean pin.

Winner and OFN Qualifier, Kurt Angle

The qualifiers come out and stare down Roode as the show ends.

All in all, the storylines went a little further and the show had a few good matches. I just don’t understand the ‘consideration’ for a title shot, why not have a traditional tournament where the winner gets a title shot. A whole show of build just to wait and see who gets it next week per Hogan’s decision. Good show, poor choice of a tourney.



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