Want to know how to make the perfect trailer? The Mad Riders team shows you how!

Making trailers has always been an extremely scientific process. Much like my high school chemistry course, it came down to numbers… and ingredients… and more numbers. Here on the Mad Riders team, we have dedicated years (read: a lot of days) on making sure that our launch trailer is perfect. Better than perfect. Perfecter.

“But what is science, if it is not shared with the world?” is a question that our trailer engineers ask themselves on a daily basis while writing figures on a room filled with chalkboards. We’re here not only to deliver an arcade-style racing game to fulfill the adrenaline junkie in you (don’t lie we know it’s there). However, we can discuss that lesson on Tuesday. Today’s lesson is “How to Make the Best Possible Trailer Ever 101.”


Mad Riders will come to the PlayStation Network first on May 29, followed by the PC and Xbox 360 versions on May 30. Each version will cost $9.99 (800 MSP).


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