It was an interesting night on Raw with plenty happening but, the SHOW isn’t going to be that BIG anymore.

We started out the night with Triple H in the ring talking about Brock Lesnar and how Brock quite pretty much everything he ever invested himself in. That didn’t sit well with Paul Heyman who came out and told Triple H that Lesnar was suing for breach of contract. Heyman went on to say that Lesnar expected more from Triple H and that he never lived up to the hype that surrounded Triple H. That’s when HHH grabbed Heyman by the mouth before letting him go after a standoff for a few seconds and telling Heyman that Lesnar will get what he deserves before throwing the papers down. Heyman then informs Triple H that he will be suing him for assault as well.

Good segment overall setting up what looks to be a bitter feud between the two that will probably drag on for at least a couple months.

1) CM Punk & Santino Marella vs. Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes

Short match, Punk wins by hitting Cody with the GTS for the 3 count. I think the match everyone wanted to see was Punk vs. Bryan and we probably will at a pay per view sooner than later.

2) Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

Oh, it’s over. Beth wins with the Glam Slam then tries to go for more after the match before Layla makes the save. Standard divas stuff, nothing ever changes.

3) Big Show vs. Kane

Laurinaitis and Otunga are out there to oversee things. Remember Big Show mocked the GM’s voice last week. Kane wins with a chokeslam after Laurinaitis demands an apology in the middle of the match distracting Show. After the match the GM still wants an apology and Show just doesn’t seem to do good enough at convincing him. Show gives a heartfelt promo on his 18 years in the business and then apologizes after the GM tells him to get on his knees. He doesn’t but, that’s good enough. No it’s not as the GM gets to the top of the ramp he wants Show to get on his knees and apologize. Show does reluctantly and still gets wished the best in his future endeavours. He’s fired.

We’ll see Show back at some point, I doubt he’d be walking away at this point. I still believe he has a World Title run in him before he retires.

4) Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston, and R-Truth vs. The Miz, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler

The workhorses did most of the work in this match before the Trouble in Paradise to the Brodus Splash for the win and Brodus gets the fall.

Great way to get Brodus over without giving him a lot of ring time. I don’t think I could stand more than a 5 minute match for Brodus Clay.

AJ wishes CM Punk good luck backstage, Punk basically tells her he doesn’t deal with nutjobs. We’ll see where that goes.

5) Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Great back and forth match with Jericho using his heelish tactics throwing Orton into Sheamus. Sheamus pulls Jericho out of the ring just as Orton had it won and Jericho gets the DQ victory. Orton is pissed. Referees come between them. Heel Orton? We can only hope.

John Laurinaitis comes out and says a lot of gibberish no one cares about when John Cena interrupts and says loser in very comical ways which really seemed to piss Johnny off. Eve then hits the ring and hands the GM a piece of paper. It’s from the Board of Directors and it states that their match at Over the Limit will be one on one with no special guest referee, no one allowed at ringside. The match can only be won by submission/pinfall and if anyone interferes they will be terminated. Here’s the kicker though; if Laurinaitis loses, he will be terminated. He slaps Cena and leaves the ring.

Very boring show going into a ppv, maybe that’s because I just watched all the January 1999 Raws and these days will never live up to that era. Still, there’s a lot of ways this could go and it should be interesting on Sunday.


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