The Big Show explains his actions at WWE Over The Limit while John Cena gets more than he bargains for.

The show begins with John Cena on the microphone explaining how perplexed he is at the actions of The Big Show at Over The Limit after the humiliation his suffered on last week’d edition of Raw. Laurinaitis comes out and sells his injuries and tells everyone of how he re-hired Show Saturday (which would mean Show would have been fired for getting involved in the match Sunday) and how John Cena will face him at No Way Out. Show talks about how no one should be judging him and how he will knock Cena out at No Way Out.

1) John Cena vs. David Otunga

Cena with a punch and Irish whip followed by a splash and clothesline. Cena gets Otunga on his shoulders and he hits the Attitude Adjustment and then puts Otunga in the STF and Otunga taps out.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Darren Young, and Titus O’Neil come out to beat down Cena and Sheamus makes the save setting up a 3 on 2 lumberjack match tonight pitting Sheamus and Cena vs. 3 other Superstars.

2) Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

In the end sequence, Orton looks around and then he twists into the RKO push ups. From out of nowhere, Chris Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Orton and the referee calls for the bell.

Jericho hits two more Codebreakers after the match.

Daniel Bryan is out now and he is demanding a WWE Title re-match. Instead he gets Kane. Punk on commentary.

3) Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Later in the match, Bryan dives through the ropes and takes out Kane. Punk gets up from commentary and grabs a steel chair. He acts like he’s going to hit Bryan but goes to hit Kane. Bryan stops him from hitting Kane and grabs the chair from Punk. Kane gets up and sees Bryan with the chair. Kane attacks Bryan and unloads on him with the chair as Punk sits back down for commentary and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Daniel Bryan

Bryan receives two Chokeslams and an Anaconda Vice for his trouble.

4) Christian vs. Jinder Mahal

Joining the match later on, Christian comes back and hits the sunset flip from the corner for 2. Christian with right hands and a forearm. Christian with the drop down right hand and elbow from the second rope. Mahal blocks Killswitch and drops Christian with a big boot. Christian comes back and hits Killswitch. He goes back to the top and hits a big splash for the win.

Winner: Christian

5) Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly 

Beth cuts Kelly off and knocks her to the mat. Beth rubs her face into the mat and slams her by her hair. Beth misses a splash in the corner. Kelly with a Thesz Press. Kelly beats Beth up in the corner. She goes for the back elbow in the corner but Beth knocks her out and hits the Glam Slam for the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

6) 2 on 3 Handicap Lumberjack Match: John Cena & Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, and Tensai (w/Sakamoto)

This was a typical lumberjack match with the face wrestlers getting pummeled in the ring for most of the match and all heel lumberjacks. After a bit of time, the heel lumberjacks come in the ring to beat down Cena and Sheamus but, the babyfaces make the save and Cena finds Laurinaitis in the back as he looks for Show after the match only to be reminded he can’t touch the GM.

Typical Raw, it’s been on a down trend lately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of positives as the week’s blend together and the matches are very bleak. Hopefully things turn around and it becomes a little more compelling because the post-Wrestlemania stuff has been weak.



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