Bioware will release the Extended Cut for Mass Effect 3 that fans have been clamoring for today. Check out the details!

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is out today and here’s instructions on how to get the extended ending:

To experience the Mass Effect 3Extended Cut, fans will need to download the DLC and load their last autosave point in the game before the final mission on Earth. The Extended Cut is available for download now on Xbox LIVE®, PlayStation® Network in North America and on Origin™ for PC. On July 4, PlayStation® 3 users in Europe will be able to experience the Extended Cut by downloading the DLC through the PlayStation® Network.

“With the Extended Cut we are delivering what so many fans have asked for – more answers, more clarity, and a more definitive resolution to their Mass Effect 3 experience,” said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series. “The team is excited for players to experience this final statement on the conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy.”

Oddly enough, this offer expires on April 14th, 2014..


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