Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ


karate champ - Karate Champ Famicom Disk - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
Karate Champ was developed by Technos Japan for Data East in 1984 as an arcade game.
The game was later ported for several different systems, among them also the Famicom Disk
System in 1986.
karate champ - Karate Champ - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
As the title suggest it’s a Karate game, built up around Karate fights against an opponent in various settings.
karate champ - Karate Champ stage 1 - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
The scoring is a bit different from regular fighting games. You don’t have a health bar, instead you
earn points when getting a hit in on your opponent. You get either half a point or a whole one
depending on how you hit. After gaining 3 points you win.
karate champ - Karate Champ Fighting - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
karate champ - Karate Champ Beat - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
There are different stages, they are basically the same but the background/setting changes.
When you beat an opponent your characters makes a little victory dance which is quite amusing.
karate champ - Karate Champ Stage 2 - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
In the beginning of each round the contestants start off by bowing their heads towards each other.
karate champ - Karate Champ Stage 3 - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ
There’s not much more to the game than pressing the buttons trying to beat your opponent. Your
character performs different moves depending on the direction you’re pushing on the D-pad and
which button. During the stages there’s no music which is kind of boring, you only hear the sound
effects of the fight.
karate champ - Karate Champ Loose - Famicom Friday #3 Karate Champ



Graphics 2/10

[box_dark]The graphics of Karate Champ are not very impressive. The characters are not very detailed and the backgrounds are dull. Since this game was released for the Famicom Disk System you would think that they could have put more effort into it, since the disks had a bit more capacity than the cartridges.[/box_dark]

Music: 6/10

[box_dark]Even though the game lacks music during the stages, I am still giving it a 6/10, because the intro song is extremely catchy! I can just start the game up sometimes and just leave it on the start screen to listen to it! ^_^ If you wanna hear the song then there’s a video at the bottom for it :)[/box_dark]

Gameplay 3/10

[box_dark]The controls are a bit stiff, and it gets extremely repetitive after a few stages. Even though there’s couple of different moves your character can perform it still gets old quickly.[/box_dark]

Japanese 10/10

[box_dark]There is no japanese in the game, not even in the title screen, so no knowledge of the language is required to play this game.[/box_dark]

Total: 21/40

[box_dark]The game has been rated by many as an awful game, and I understand why. The graphics are unimpressive, the gameplay is boring, there’s no story, no music and just not much fun at all. It’s cheap to come by, so if you want to play a prank on your buddies, buy this game and make them play it![/box_dark]

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