Kinnikuman: Kinniku-Sei Ōi Sōdatsuhen (キン肉マン・キン肉星王位争奪編) was released in 1987 by Bandai for the Famicom Disk System. Translated it’s called Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne. Kinnikuman literally translates to Muscleman, and the game is based on a Japanese manga/anime series. This particular game was the final story, and previous Kinnikuman games were mainly wrestling games, such as M.U.S.C.L.E Tag Team Match for the NES. This particular game is however a side scrolling platformer.

The story is told in the beginning, even before the title screen, and is all in Japanese. I couldn’t understand it all so I had to read up. Apparently Kinnikuman has to prove that he has royal blood, as a fire at the hospital where he was born could have mixed him up with five other babies.. and there’s a lot more but it’s too extensive to tell it all here.

After the story the title screen appear, and after this there’s a “Member Change” feature.

I have not quite figured out what this is about. I guess it’s the different characters you can choose from to play as. It reads Kinnikuman, Robinmasuku, Uumenman and chiriiman. I’m not familiar with the anime or manga, so I just assume that they are characters from there.

The graphics are not impressive, considering that it’s a disk game and not on the cartridges.

You have a kick and a punch, and there are some special moves I managed to perform at times, like grabbing and throwing your foe up in the air.

You can also jump, and jump so high that you end up in the power bar! Still, I got stuck in front of this wall right in the beginning of the game until I figured out that you can jump higher if crouching first.

After dying your second character jumps in, however if this guy dies you are game over. You only have one life with each of the two characters you’ve chosen, however the power bar is quite generous. There are no power ups or life to be found.

After beating a guy whose power bar was just as large as mine the background color changed and I supposed I reached stage 2, however it still said stage 1 in the corner.

And just a few steps into the “grey zone” I encountered another enemy with a power bar as large as mine, though my health was already a bit drained.

This floating head charged me and spit fireballs, and in a few seconds I was dead…



Graphics 4/10

[box_dark]Being Bandai, and having made several prequels to this series, they could have put more effort into at least making some variations in the backgrounds and more details.[/box_dark]

Music: 4/10

[box_dark]The same song kept looping and it was nothing much.[/box_dark]

Gameplay 6/10

[box_dark]I’m giving it a 6 since I guess there is a bit more too it if you understand the storyline. However, the controls are stiff and the movement is slow. Since it’s based on a wrestling game you would have expected a bit more moves and combinations even if it’s platformer.[/box_dark]

Japanese 7/10

[box_dark]The storyline is in japanese, so if you wanna know why you’re running around beating up red guys up then you need knowledge of the language, however for the actual gameplay no japanese is required to play.[/box_dark]

Total: 21/40

[box_dark]Not a terrific score, though if you like platformers and a challenge then this might be the game for you! It is fairly hard because of the limited lives and enemies that are far superior in power (except for the regular henchman that you beat up during the stage, they are easy peasy even if they’re carrying sticks), but it gets old quite quickly.[/box_dark]


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