It’s the go-home show before WWE’s No Way Out PPV tonight and there’s some scores to be settled before then.

We get AJ coming out first and she’s interrupted by Vickie & Dolph who believe that she’s trying to steal their spotlight. AJ puts down Dolph and Vickie and Vickie slaps AJ calling her a little girl. Punk puts down Ziggler and Vickier for awhile calling Vickie the “voice of the pointless”. Bryan comes out with a mic as well and puts down Punk and says that AJ will cost him the title and now enter Sheamus with a mic. That’s a lot of mics. Holy. He disagrees with Bryan, AJ tries to charge at Vickie, Punk restrains and our first match is up next.

Standard match between Punk/Sheamus and Bryan/Ziggler. Heels won to make both look like threats to the respective title holders and then all hell broke loose after the match with Vickie and AJ battling, Kane coming out to save AJ, Bryan & Punk being chokeslammed and AJ being even more crazy than normal. I’m so intrigued by where this angle is going, they have things in every direction. Definitely a cliffhanger.

Brodus Clay beats Hetah Slater in 30 seconds. Otunga comes out and attacks him to set-up their match tonight. Honestly, nothing is going to make anybody care about that one. Otunga thinks he has personality but, he doesn’t and everyone knows it.

Beth Phoenix had much the same kind of match with Alicia Fox. She won, as she should. Natalya and Beth are the anchors of the Women’s Division right now. Kharma is needed so badly.

Show and Laurinaitis whined and told people how they overcome the odds and how Show is tired of smiling and being nice the past 10 years. (Hasn’t Show been a heel more than a face over his whole career?!) We also learned that Cena would be at Smackdown by the end of the show. Honestly, a really boring segment that doesn’t get me into this feud and makes me want to change channels. They need to do something more than this every week if they want people to invest themselves in the storylines.

Christian beats Swagger in another quick match. What makes Swagger different? Nothing, that’s what. That’s what his problem has always been though, he just can’t separate himself from the pack. He should be a monster main-eventer, instead he’s a step above a jobber.

Mike Testa & Ari Cohen faced off against Ryback next to be destroyed in about 2 minutes which seems to be the going-rate for matches on this edition of Smackdown. Ryback is going to get quite a surprise when he starts facing main roster guys and tries to be this stiff. He’s going to end up injuring someone severely sooner or later.

Sandow vs. Kidd was up next and what a surprise, Sandow wins in one minute. Kidd deserves better than that, he and Sandow WILL have some classics and they need the time to do it. Both of these guys can be the stars of tomorrow, they just need the opportunity. Sandow’s getting one, Kidd just needs his.

Cena and Laurinaitis have a confrontation  in the ring and long story short, Cena punches him in the head. End show.

Cena show will hopefully be a brutal match because it doesn’t have the biggest aura around it like a main event program should, it will be a big one though because nearly everyone wants Big Johnny gone however, I don’t see that considering ads here in Canada have Laurinaitis announced for dates in September. We’ll see. Punk/Bryan/Kane will be awesome as it should with AJ up to her tricks and craziness. Triple H’s announcement will probably be something building to a match at SummerSlam OR maybe Money in the Bank with a return at SummerSlam. Who really knows at this point? No Way Out should be interesting at that and with not many matches announced, there should be decent time to tell some great stories. We’ll see in just an hour’s time!


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