Johnny’s gone, Champions retain, tuxedoes, and more!

Quick Results

  1. Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.
  2. Santino Marella def. Ricardo Rodriguez in a Tuxedo Match.
  3. Christian def. Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
  4. The Prime Time Players def. The Usos, Gabriel & Kidd, and Primo & Epico to become the #1 Contender’s to the WWE Tag Team Titles.
  5. Layla def. Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Divas Championship.
  6. Sin Cara def. Hunico
  7. CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan and Kane to retain the WWE Championship.
  8. Ryback def. Dan Delaney and Rob Grimes.
  9. John Cena def. Big Show, Laurinaitis is fired.

First off. 9 Matches! Wow. Considering one was a tuxedo match , one was a quick divas match, one was a match we’ve seen 10 times, and one was a squash match, that’s not that great. It’s different to see so many matches on a WWE Pay-Per-View though. I wasn’t excited for No Way Out whatsoever and they renewed my skepticism with a lot of these match outcomes.

Sheamus vs. Ziggler delivered but, like many, I feel Dolph may just lack that extra push he needs. A lot of Dolph’s problems are booking though, he loses a lot more than he wins and even in the fairytale world that is wrestling, you can’t lose a million matches and expect people to take you seriously as the face of the company. Things will work out for Dolph though, I would guess by around Survivor Series he will be a very formidable competitor in the World Title scene.

The Tuxedo Match was just for comedy obviously and it made the US title look even more worthless than it already does, just unify it with the IC already..

Christian and Cody put on a bit of a clinic as they always do. I really hope they elevate Cody, he’s had such strong feuds as of late that I can’t believe they haven’t given him more. I just hope he doesn’t turn face, Smackdown needs a heel like him unless Sandow can fill that void but, I don’t think he’s ready for that spotlight yet.

The Prime Time Players defeated the entire WWE Tag Team division with help from their new manager, Abraham Washington. Good on WWE for actually swerving people with that one, I don’t think many expected it but, maybe I could be wrong. I never understood why Primo and Epico would need another manager in addition to Rosa. AW is an interesting character and I can see him doing great things with these two. Oh yeah, bring back the managers. How cool would it be to see Kane with Paul Bearer right now. Amazing.

Layla beat Beth, we all saw that coming. Damn Beth and Nattie make a lot of girls look good in that ring. Layla is decent but, I just can’t believe that Beth hasn’t had more to do. Then again, the Divas never do. Just once it would be nice to see a Divas Main Event.

Sin Cara beat Hunico for the 25th time in the last year. Jeez, give Cara something different please! Is Hunico the only person who will work with him?

Punk retains in a cool little match. I could watch this feud all year, it has so many facets and I hope it runs through SummerSlam. Punk’s great, Bryan’s great, AJ is hilarious, Kane is the wild card. There are so many directions all of this can go and all of them point up.

Ryback squashes. Nuff’ Said.

Laurinaitis is fired, we should all rejoice until he pops up again next week with some piece of paper stating he’s something else important like the WWE Commissioner or something. Yeah, bring that back, HBK is around, use him again. Cena/Show wasn’t great but, the crowd loved the firing. Now what for Cena though? Who hasn’t he really feuded with? He’s running out of steam. I guess we’ll find out on Raw.

Overall, the ppv was lackluster, hopefully MITB will be a much more well-rounded ppv. Until then, there’s Raw, right now!


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