Mrs. Foley’s baby boy was the GM on Raw this week, did he do anything spectacular with the power? Find out here!

Sorry for the delay this week, there’s just so much going on!

We kicked off Raw with none other than Mick Foley coming out to quite an ovation. He informed everyone that with the firing of John Laurinaitis on Sunday, they would be reaching out to former General Managers and he was a former Commissioner so he got the nod for Raw and Smackdown this week. Unfortunately for us, this would be pretty much all we saw from Foley on Raw, what a wasted opportunity to use Mick’s diverse talents, the man should be back on commentary or something, he provides insight few can match and knows the business inside and out.

Laurinaitis comes out and has his makeshift farewell address which basically amounts to him announcing that he made a main event for Raw prior to being fired Sunday which will be John Cena vs. Laurinaitis, Otunga, and Big Show.

Next up is Punk/Sheamus vs. Bryan/Kane. This was an ok match where AJ showed up in a Kane mask and left everyone perplexed, including Kane who followed her up the ramp and left Bryan for the wolves in Sheamus & Punk who would go on to win the match. I get this long feud between these three and now Sheamus added in but, it really feels like we are seeing variations of the same match every week, show me something different!

Ziggler and Swagger will fight for Vickie tonight…why?

Laurinaitis is backstage with Otunga talking about how he has this plan of Show knocking out Cena and Big Johnny pinning him. They laugh, Show doesn’t. Hm.

Dolph Ziggler won Vickie’s sole admiration and affection? It was a quick match and I really have to wonder where this leaves Swagger, he’s been wallowing beneath almost everyone lately and hasn’t had a solid direction for over a year. Yikes.

Triple H and Paul Heyman had quite the promo battle, one you’d have to see to believe which ended with a right hand by Triple H that laid our Heyman. He’ll see Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. By the way, Paul Heyman needs to stick with WWE after this little stint, he’s too good not to be with this organization and they need him more than ever.

Del Rio beats Santino in a quick match. Ricardo gets his revenge here. Did nothing for me, I don’t know why they have these relatively pointless segments.

Layla introduces WWE Hall of Famer, Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper. They had a very odd segment with Slater and Roddy Piper. Nobody really knew what to say besides Slater and Piper, Wendi looked completely confused as to what he was supposed to do and Cyndi just went with the flow. The segment ended with Heath getting a gold record smashed over his head.

Primo & Epico faced off against Titus & Darren however, the Prime Time Players got counted out after AW made them stay on the ramp. Kind of different but, this feud interests me, it would be nice to see some good tag team wrestling and these teams can provide that, it’s about time!

Chris Jericho returns to Raw next week after his suspension.

It’s time for the main event now and guess what? Johnny and Otunga are on their own, Show got what he wanted out of Laurinaitis and doesn’t need to wrestle now. Well, the whole main event turned into a beat down on Johnny as Cena delivered three Attitude Adjustments to the former GM then an STF for the submission win. End show.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show but, they’re definitely in need of some new feuds to highlight as the ones we have are getting stale. Where the hell are the Divas, they went from minute long matches to no airtime at all. Anyways, Jericho returns next week so hopefully we’re in for something good!


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