The on-going saga between Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, and AJ continues on this week’s edition of Raw!

AJ is the first thing we see on this broadcast coming to the conclusion that she and the three contender’s for the WWE Championship should go their own separate ways as she talks in a mirror. This could be an interesting night.

Now we have a Triple Threat Elimination Match between Daniel Bryan, Kane, and CM Punk. This was a very decent match until it was time for AJ to skip to the ringside area while Kane was ready for a Chokeslam on Punk. The distraction works long enough for Punk to miss that and hit the GTS on Kane for the pin. No we’re down to Bryan and Punk, oh wait, no we’re not as Bryan kicks Punk in the head for the 3 count. Kane is not going to be happy about AJ’s distraction once again.

Vickie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio are backstage when Ricardo Rodriguez walks in with flowers. Ziggler walks in and tells Vickie he only needs one more shot at the title so tonight it will be Del Rio vs. Ziggler in a World Title contract on a pole match. Ziggler then smashes the vase of flowers on the wall. Interesting, we haven’t seen a pole match in awhile and hopefully this one will be a good one.

Brodus Clay vs. Big Show is next in a forgettable win for Big Show. They had to have this match for Brodus to attempt to get revenge for last month, I get that, but it wasn’t worth my time.

We get a video package on Cena’s 300th Make-A-Wish and another Raw moment with Bob Barker. Brodus Clay was being taken out of the arena by trainers during commercials when he was hit with a Knockout Punch. Apparently next week we’ll have Brock Lesnar’s answer to Triple H’s challenge.

Kane has a short promo with AJ where he tells her she’s mentally unstable and he’s not boyfriend material and that they should stay away from each other. AJ starts the cry-smile that we’ve seen before. This is great stuff and it may be this year’s big program, only time will tell.

Now the US Title is up for grabs between Jack Swagger and Santino Marella. Santino wins the short match with the cobra and this was the first time the belt was defended on Raw since April. Swagger has hit rock bottom, he’s a jobber now. Why? Who knows? The man can actually wrestle and yet he’s left to do nothing. As for the US Title, it really means nothing now, it’s done. They should just unify it with the Intercontinental Title before the destroy the historic lineage of the prestigious championship.

Cena’s out and we get a completely ridiculous Star Wars-centric promo until the Saviour returns, Chris Jericho is back. We get a lot of back and forth with Jericho making Cena sound like a child when Vickie makes her way out to stop the back and forth. There will be a World Title Money in the Bank match and a WWE Title MITB match. Kane, Big Show, Jericho, and Cena are announced for the WWE Title MITB Match, the theme is former WWE Champions.

Another legend is coming and it’s Sycho Sid who squashes Heath Slater in 2 minutes with a Power Bomb to win by pinfall. It was great to see Sid again but, the man is a weathered shell of his former self.

Now we have Alberto vs. Ziggler for a World Title shot in a pole match. This match was fairly decent however it ended in a  fumbling no-contest as Sheamus announced that there would be a Triple Threat Match on Smackdown for the World Heavyeight Title. That should be a great match.

AJ says she’s going to make it up to Punk for his loss earlier by winning the Divas Battle Royale next. Punk says that after that they should talk and AJ tells him that she’s open to taking it to the next level. HA.

AJ wins the Battle Royale between the Divas by throwing out Vickie Guerrero and then celebrates with a YES! chant. Interesting, she could be the face of the Divas division the way this is going.

Cena and Jericho have a very good match as they always do before Big Show decides to beat the hell out of Cena who is trapped in the Colossal Clutch as we go to credits. ¬†I don’t get what the point of having Show against Cena still is but, I guess we’ll see.

Overall, it was a decent show, good matches, Sycho Sid and good build for Money in the Bank. They definitely need to unify the US Title or give it some meaning though and the Divas need a lot more time than they’re given. When there’s barely time for a Battle Royale, something’s wrong.


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