The WWE Championship is defended on Smackdown for the first time in four years!

*Quick results are at the bottom*

We get a Sheamus promo to start the show. Just once I’d like to see a good wrestling match to start a show instead of all this talking that really means nothing. Basically, Del Rio will pick Sheamus’ opponent tonight and Otunga gets a Brogue Kick that sends Del Rio to the outside. I get so tired of these long promos with no payoff at all. Remember back in the day when Undertaker, or Rock, or Austin had a promo and everyone was listening so intently that you forgot how long it was going? It’s never like that now unless CM Punk and a select few others are talking.

Now we have Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater. How is Heath still on the main roster, or for that matter, still employed? He’s ok, but he’s never going to get over and in wrestling, getting over as a heel or face is everything. Cara wins with the usual flurry after Slater got some offense in. We need a cruiserweight division back in the WWE, where else do people like Sin Cara have to go? They will never make him a World Champ, the best he’ll do is IC. We need something for these bottom tier wrestlers.

Sandow vs. Jackson is up next. Damien Sandow has been great so far, a classy heel that can actually back up his skills in the ring. I’ve always liked him even before this gimmick but, it just fits him so well. Beating Jackson gave him so major credibility as well considering he is such a dominant force in the ring.

Dolph will face Sheamus tonight after a bit of persuading to Del Rio.

Now we have two locals vs. Ryback. Ryback wins, like normal. Goldberg-esque. It’s cool and everything to see somebody completely dominate but, it’s been done so many times, Crimson is the same way in TNA right now. It’s such an old idea.

We learn that Brodus apparently has a concussion and bruised ribs from the actions of Big Show Monday night.

Ziggler vs. Sheamus was great. Exactly what you want, lengthy match with a lot of  different elements. It was a great contest which Sheamus won. This has to be setting up Ziggler for some World title matches in the future though, he was already rumoured in a match with Randy Orton before he got suspended. Great things are in Ziggler’s future.

CM Punk cuts a  nice promo on Big Johnny and Kane. Punk has a way of making anyone else look weaker than they are.

Quick match between the newly christened Prime Time Players, Darren Young and  Titus O’Neil and Ryder and Santino. It’s over with a roll-up as Santino steals one for he and Ryder. Big Shows destroyrs Ryder and Santino after the match. Should be interesting to see what Darren and Titus can do and if their momentum can keep up, this loss really doesn’t hurt them at all as it wasn’t completely clean.

AJ talks to Daniel in the back and he asks if she thinks Punk cares about her, Aj thinks he’s jealous. I think AJ could be great with Punk but, let’s see how long it actually lasts first.

Rhodes vs. Kidd next and it’s over just as fast as Rhodes gets the win with Cross Rhodes. I wish that was longer, Kidd is so underrated it’s not even funny.

CM Punk and Kane for the WWE Championship is up next. This one was a decent match until all hell broke loose with AJ coming down, then Bryan showing up and everything completely breaking down. The match ended in a no-contest and Kane stood tall after a double-chokeslam.

The WWE Championship Match at No Way Out will now be a triple-threat match.

Quick Results:

  1. Sin Cara def. Heath Slater
  2. Damien Sandow def. Ezekiel Jackson
  3. Ryback def. Ryan Shelton & Chris Lyons
  4. Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero
  5. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder def. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil)
  6. Cody Rhodes def. Tyson Kidd
  7. CM Punk vs. Kane for the WWE Championship ended in a no-contest


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