Mick Foley is the guest-GM and Teddy Long is no longer serving for John Laurinaitis  on this week’s edition of Smackdown!

Teddy Long comes out with enthusiasm we haven’t seen in awhile reminding everyone that John Laurinaitis is fired and that Mick Foley is the guest GM this week. It’s great to see Teddy back to himself, he should be a manager again in my opinion, he has so much to offer in that type of a role.

Big Show interrupts and claims he is such a dominant force, the same things we’ve all heard for years and it is just boring the hell out of me, cut a promo that captivates the audience, not one the lulls them into slumber. Brodus comes out and pretty and things get wild right off the bat with Show attacking him as he enters the ring. Like clockwork, Otunga comes in to pick up the scraps and then starts mocking Clay with a dance the Mr. McMahon would be proud of.

Ryback squashes two locals. We can say he’s like Goldberg but, at least Goldberg squashed main roster guys AND nobody feared for their safety when they were wrestling him (The Bret Hart kick notwithstanding).

Mick and Yoshi are talking in the back about Socko when Vickie informs them she’ll be running both shows next week and that if Mick isn’t careful he’ll be her assistant. Yoshi calls her an “ugly old witch”. Mick has and idea for an assistant and it’s The Great Khali who dances.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Christian in a fairly decent match in which Christian got distracted by Ricardo. Cody Rhodes comes in for the leftovers after the match proclaiming it’s “his Smackdown”. I hope Cody gets a shot to be more that he has been lately, keeping him in the Intercontinental picture does nothing, it’s a been there, done that scenario. Cody needs a World Title pushed now more than ever and a feud with Sheamus would work wonderfully. Those two could create some great chemistry together. Christian is someone I’m unsure about right now, he’s great, but what can be done with him. He’s not in the title picture and he’s getting beaten down by the former champion, what gives? Del Rio is in much the same boat where I really don’t understand where he stands. There needs to be more multiple person feuds. Look in the late 90s, everyone was going after the title and you never knew who might have it from one week or another, that’s the missing ingredient from today’s WWE.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan is next and AJ screws Bryan. She was the guest timekeeper and rang the bell when Kane never tapped. Kane hits the Chokeslam, wins and AJ skips to the back. Kane continues to be perplexed. My take is that she’s secretly siding with Punk but, she’s trying to make it seem like she’s siding with Kane because I don’t really remember her having Punk lose, just D-Bry. We’ll see.

Mick’s out to address the crowd when Heath Slater interrupts complaining about Cyndi Lauper Monday night. Mick’s got something up his sleeve though and out comes Zack Ryder. 2 near falls, a Rough Ryder and the win for Zack.

Sandow tries to absolve the ignorance of Ryder and Foley. Mick tells him to have a nice day. Great stuff.

We get the Prime Time Players vs. The Usos next in a showcase of why it’s good to have a manager as Jimmy tries for the Superfly Splash but AW is on the apron long enough for Young to crotch him. PTPs win. Great team and it’s what the WWE needs right now, teams. Hopefully they keep the momentum going. A few minutes later, Primo and Epico attack them. That feud is not over.

Sheamus and Dolph put on a great show in the main event. Let me say this, I’m not a Sheamus fan, but they guy delivers and you know he’s going to give you everything he’s got every night. Same goes for Dolph, these are the guys that are going to be here long into the future and it’s great to see what that future holds, Sheamus wins with the Brogue Kick.

Here’s the match rundown:

  1. Ryback def. Frank Venezia & Jared Wachtler 
  2. Alberto Del Rio def. Christian
  3. Kane def. Daniel Bryan
  4. Zack Ryder def. Heath Slater
  5. The Prime Time Players def. The Usos
  6. Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler


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