I waited to post this for those that watched Smackdown in its normal timeslot. Let’s take a look a this week’s Smackdown with a little bit of Great American Bash flavour after being revived as a pay per view and again retired.

We get a party scene backstage with a bunch of different wrestlers and personalities. Eve is dressed with a huge name tag like Teddy was wearing when John Laurinaitis was GM. ┬áKane lights the barbecue with his pyro and it’s a fun little backstage vignette. Nice way to start the show with something light-hearted and everyone having fun.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and talks about the fans hating him because he’s successful and he got into the country legally. He then asks for a bunch of fans papers and claims they are here illegally even getting into it with one of the fans. Sheamus comes out for the save but, gets his back slammed under the hood of Del Rio’s car repeatedly for his efforts. He’s busted open on the forehead. In my opinion, this was a great way to get Del Rio even more hated by the fans, I mean how more degrading can it get than asking someone for their citizenship papers?! Then destroying Sheamus in that car made it even better. This solidified Del Rio as a threat which was needed after he was gone for so many different injuries the last few months.

Layla/Khali vs. Cesaro/Aksana was up next in a very quick match that didn’t impress me what so ever. Let’s face it, Aksana is no good in the ring or on the mic, I’ve never understood the appeal for her, same goes for Khali, he’s just big, an attraction. Cesaro on the other hand is great in the ring and Layla can hold her own as well but, it’s not like they’re going to fight in this match so you’re left with nothing but, a match that’s thrown together that literally has no storyline implications.

We learn Cody Rhodes will receive another Money in the Bank qualifying match against none other than Christian.

Next up was a great match between Cody and Christian with a flurry at the end that saw Cody win with a Cross Rhodes after a bunch of blocked finishers between the two. Cody is probably my favourite to win the Money in the Bank match considering he seems to be the most title ready Superstar out of the bunch thus far and I could really see him having a nice long reign if he ever does win the title just like his IC reign. People believe in his ability whether they like to admit it or not.

Dolph Ziggler qualified for MITB next when he beat Alex Riley in a quick match. Dolph’s another one that may just take the MITB at the pay per view, it’ll definitely be between he and Cody, they’re both ready for that championship run and they both deserve it.

Next we have a weird segment that featured Cole flirting with AJ, CM Punk trying to reason with her, Bryan ‘defending’ her, and AJ kissing Bryan and then Punk before leaving. AJ is confusing everyone which could lead to one of the greatest storyline reveals in recent memory. I can’t help but think we may not even know everything by MITB and that it may be even lengthier than that but, one thing’s for sure, this has been a very compelling storyline and one WWE can be proud of.

Santino, Sgt. Slaughter, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan faced off against Camacho, Hunico and Drew MacIntyre next. Quick match with Santino hitting the cobra for the face victory. Very predictable but, a nice change to see the two legends.

Apparently Curt Hawkins thinks he can beat Ryback. Ryback destroys him like everyone else so, Hawkins is incorrect.

Zack Ryder won a 20-Man Battle Royal and will run Smackdown next week. Ryder beat out Kane to win the match. Standard Battle Royal stuff.

It was an ok Smackdown, a couple good matches and segments but, nothing I would consider must-see TV. I think WWE needs more characters, more people like a Kane, an Al Snow, The Brood, a group like a DX or an NWO. There just aren’t enough characters and not enough swerves. Everything is too predictable and everyone is too vanilla. People need some character and need personas. Superstars and Divas need to talk, and not from a script. Things need to change in WWE.


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