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Let’s start out with D Generation X. I loved DX from the time that it was Shawn and Hunter to the expanded group, there was just so much to love about them. One thing I never thought I would see was for the core group to be reunited with the Outlaws and X-Pac and yet low and behold, that’s just what that 1000th episode of Raw started off with and it was great. There was the typical DX comedy and you could see that all the guys in that ring were happier than ever. It was a moment 12 years in the making and one that I will always remember. I wish we could see that again but, I don’t think that will happen.

From highs to lows, Jack Swagger needs some help. A former World Champion, Swagger just hasn’t been given a lot of love lately. The problem stems from personality which he lacks a bit of. Realistically I could see the guy in the mold of a slightly less aggressive Brock Lesnar, he fits that build with his stature and moveset. Jack needs to be saved soon though because fans can only believe in someone if they’re able to convey the proper emotions in a match, Swagger barely has time to convey any. He’s simply a jobber and he really deserves more than that. I’ll be watching closely over the coming months to see if he can come out of his slumber.

Daniel Bryan and AJ’s wedding was certainly one of the least eventful weddings in WWE history which was easily understandable when we didn’t see anyone else present besides Slick (props for bringing him back by the way). The whole thing felt awkward and was really poorly done and had an even worse payoff. AJ was announced as GM which apparently meant that she wouldn’t be marrying Daniel. I don’t like AJ as GM, I think she’ll more or less be taken out of that position within a few months. Yes, putting the ‘crazy’ girl in the GM spot seems like a good idea on paper but, when you really look at it, how much can she really do with the position before she gets stale? Time will tell.

The Miz won the Intercontinental Title this week and good for him. The man deserves it, he’s very underrated in my book. The guy give 100% in everything he does and never mails it in. That’s something to be proud of and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a healthy run with the title. I loved Christian with it but, he can go on to do more and maybe even enter the World Title hunt as a heel in the near future. Christian gives you a lot of possibilities and he’s a great workhorse.

Brock Lesnar and Triple H are on for SummerSlam and I’ve got to think that this one is going to be a potato-fest. These two genuinely don’t seem to like each other and that makes sense. Brock sees Hunter as the golden child and Hunter sees Brock as overrated. You have to wonder how well this works out if Brock decides to work stiff with Hunter though, this could get ugly. Great promos by Hunter, Stephanie McMahon, and Paul Heyman. Steph definitely could still be a great character on TV if she ever chose to make a return.

CM punk turned heel on Raw and this was apparently the beginning of a huge angle in WWE. Great. Punk is WAY better as a heel than he is as a face, I love this move. There’s just so much more freedom for him and he can be the rebel with the edge that I felt he hasn’t had the past 3 or 4 months. I actually kind of felt like he was just punching in and out each week as it didn’t seem like he had much of a defined personality like he was developing last Summer and into earlier this year. This is big for Punk and he is quickly becoming the face of the company.

Speaking of the face of the company, John Cena needs to change, and not just his shirt colour. Cena has been too goody goody for two long. He needs to find his edge and maybe even his Edge (remember that rivalry). The problem I have with Cena is that his character always overcomes everything much like Hogan in the 80s and in today’s WWE that’s just not realistic anymore. It’s an insult to the fans’ intelligence to make them believe this guy can be as superhuman as he seems. Sure, he loses his share of matches but, then he’ll be in the WWE Title hunt later in the year. Speaking of which, he has 12 World Championship reigns. If Cena passes Flair’s record, I riot. I don’t hate the man, I understand his appeal to the demographics he represents and I appreciate how well he plays his character but, I don’t like his prominence in the title scene.

Big Show is in need of a drastic change. He plays the family friendly face or the dominant heel. Back and forth. No edge, no difference. He needs something different to make people want to watch. I don’t know anybody that finds Big Show entertaining the way they have him going and the guy is entertaining when given the right circumstances. Lately, it hasn’t been right, he needs a title run or a feud with somebody who isn’t going to bury him in the end.

Legends for Raw 1000 were absolutely amazing. From Mae Young having her ‘son’, the hand to Trish teaching Hunter yoga with the rest of DX eavesdropping, Raw 1000 had it all. Even Lita got in there to beat Heath Slater with the rest of the legends looking on with protection from the APA. Heath is absolutely rising in stock right now, his work with the Legends has been second to none and I’m more of a believer in him than ever. Great job, Heath.

Ryback is starting to beat up main roster guys and I can really see him taking the World Title by mid next year. Sheamus is doing great with the World Title by the way, nice, dominant champion unlike a lot of recent champions that we’ve seen. Hopefully it continues.

Damien Sandow has been great lately, I still say he reminds me of Triple H and since Hunter has been kicking his ass lately, it really makes me see the comparison more and more. Sandow is a keeper (although they released him before).

Del Rio is back with another Number 1 Contendership. Yawn.

Decent week in WWE with the nostalgia of Raw 1000 but, Smackdown was a sore spot.



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