Which legend returned tonight to face off against Heath Slater? Find out in this week’s Raw Reaction!

We kick off Raw with a huge promo battle between all the Money in the Bank WWE Championship contenders with one coming out after another. Basically a lot of one-upsmanship here which I’m not going to get into but, it really gave you the feeling that this is going to be a huge match and that these guys really dislike one another. Props to Jericho for showing why he’s still the best in the world for going through his old catchphrases. The segment ends in a large scale battle with only Big Show left standing.

Next up is a match of Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs. Christian, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston. The match was the normal back and forth that we’ve come to expect in these type of matches however it was notable because The Prime Time Players happened to leave the match after AW determined it wasn’t worth it to continue and Cody Rhodes followed soon after to leave Otunga to the wolves as he got decimated in the loss. Brodus Clay then came down and left him laying with a Big Splash. Good win for the faces to look strong however, I look for some reasoning as to why the PTPs left so quickly.

Alberto is trying to butter up Teddy backstage but, Teddy has none of it. He does say however, that the board has determined that he is the number one contender for the World Championship at MITB. Tonight however, he faces a mystery opponent.

Alberto faces off against Sin Cara. Wait, no contest Alberto with a beat down on Cara, seemingly injuring his arm with the Cross Armbreaker. Too bad, Cara had a good streak going and these two would have been lights out together but, I guess we won’t be seeing that. Maybe there will be a revenge storyline.

AJ snubs Bryan next as he gives her a rose. She bites it and spits it out and says that he never cared about her. AJ never fails to impress with the craziness.

Paul Heyman is up next via satellite and he says Brock will deliver his answer to HHH personally at the 1000th episode of Raw. He mentions that HHH’s motive for the match is a way out so that he can go out courageously because Brock will end his in-ring career. Great stuff from Heyman, he’s always added so much to this company, he’s a valuable commodity to the organization.

Vickie and Dolph vs. AJ and Sheamus is up next and Dolph and Sheamus really have some great chemistry in the ring, I’d love to see a nice, long feud between the two sometime soon. AJ beats Vickie with a sickening Shining Wizard for the win after a Brogue Kick knocked Dolph out of the ring.

AJ is backstage and finds Punk, she asks if he saw her match, he’s on the phone with his sister and shushes her. He gets off and tells her he had no idea she had a match and she gets very upset realizing he wasn’t paying attention to her. I hope this whole thing comes to an end soon, I have to know just what AJ is going to do!

Heath Slater is out next and he’s facing Doink The Clown! Heath has a quick win over Doink but, he’s quickly shocked by the music of none other than Diamond Dallas Page. DDP comes down and pulls him in for a hug only to give him a big Diamond Cutter.  Great seeing DDP, he’s always been a tremendous talent.

Kane vs Show is next and it was a simple match like always between these two big men. Show gets the win here and continues his dominance as expected.

AJ and Eve have a heated exchange backstage. I’ve never really been invested in Eve, she always feels like what she’s saying is beyond forced and I just can’t really buy into her character.

Tyson Kidd rolls up Tensai for a quick victory. Good on you, Kidd. This guy’s stock is rising as it should be, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Tyson. Sakamoto gets destroyed by Tensai after the match. The Tensai experiment is a failure, bring back Albert, simply Albert.

Bryan and Jericho exchange catchphrases backstage. Classic. Punk and Cena have an amicable exchange. Tensai lays out Kidd backstage.

Great match between Punk/Cena and Bryan/Jericho until AJ put everything awry by kissing Punk and knocking both he and Bryan through the table. She chants YES! as we go to credits.

What can you say about this week? Seeing DDP and Doink was a great and AJ gets crazier by the hour. Things are on an upswing. Let’s see when they start going down in flames as usually happens with promising WWE angles.



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