Was there a new World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown? Find out in this week’s Smackdown Rebound!

We get AJ vs. Layla first up on SD after the normal video packages. Typical Divas match until we hear Daniel Bryan’s music and Bryan is on his way to the ring. This distracts AJ long enough for Layla to get the quick pin and win the match. AJ then attacked Layla and the ref broke them up. The crazy attacking Divas after her match thing is really working for her. Bryan then says it’s not so fun when people distract you during a match, is it? He goes on saying he has something important to say to Vickie Guerrero and he’ll hold the show hostage is he has to. He then starts a “YES!” chant to which AJ starts her own. Classic stuff here. This is how the Divas need to be featured and this is what has been lacking, they need to fit into all the storylines better like they used to be when they were main-eventing Raws and Smackdowns.

Vickie comes out and Daniel Bryan plays the ass-kisser as he tells Vickie how great a job she’s done getting him a title match so quickly. They both run down AJ but, then Vickie reveals a fan poll for what position they’d like to see AJ in in the WWE Championship Match at Money in the Bank. The poll revealed that 76% wanted her to be the Special Guest Referee, the Board of Directors agreed, and Vickie added her to the match. AJ was ecstatic, Bryan started screeming “NO!” down the ramp. ¬†How Interesting has this been? It’s not a huge angle so far but, it’s something they’re sticking with and something that they haven’t spoiled or made too obvious yet. Kudos, WWE! BTW, Vickie also stated the World Title match at MITB would be open to anyone.

Damien Sandow beat Zack Ryder in a quick match to qualify for the MITB match. Not much to say here, I’m loving Sandow’s character though, old school Hunter Hearst Helmsley-esque and it’s great to see him sneak into the MITB match, he might just win it all.

Bryan’s looking for AJ but, finds Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says she’s not there and that she wouldn’t be in there if she was because AJ is mentally ill. Interesting. What if this whole thing is some sort of ruse between the former Chickbusters?

Swagger vs. Kidd in a MITB qualifier is next and Kidd wins a 5 minute match clean. Great for Kidd who deserves to be in this match more than anyone, it’s been a long time coming for him. I’m hoping he wins at the ppv.

Christian/Santino vs. Otunga/Rhodes is up next and is another qualifier for MITB which would see both members of the team qualify for the match. Another 5 minute match that was a bit of fun but, nothing notable. I really can’t get behind David Otunga, he needs to get rid of that bodybuilder look because he just can’t move around in the ring like he needs to to take some of these moves correctly. Rhodes really needs something to get behind, he’s kind of sitting back right now without a big storyline. Christian should be in the World Title hunt again at some point, maybe early next year to mid next year hopefully as he’s been a workhorse. Santino is a great worker but, nobody takes him seriously for obvious reasons.

Sheamus had an interview about the Triple Threat match. Basically, he’s not worried about anything. Sheamus is great, he doesn’t gloat, he just goes out there and puts on great matches.

AJ was talking to herself backstage when Daniel Bryan offered her medical help to which she chanted “YES!” and skipped away. Brilliant.

Ryback kills Dan Barone and Brendan Burke. Same as always.

Teddy Long is the GM for next week’s shows and says that Cesaro and Aksana will never need each other more than next week. Hmmm.

Tensai pretty much squashes Justin Gabriel for the win and the MITB qualification. Sad to see Gabriel not qualify, I would love to see him in a MITB match with that Shooting Star Press.

Sheamus retained the World Heavyweight Title in a great TV match of about 15 minutes in length. Everyone looked great in this match and it really shows the good young athleticism in the WWE right now. I can’t wait for Ziggler to take the title, I liken his attitude to a young Shawn Michaels but a little less arrogant. He’s going to be a big star for a lot of years in this company.

It was a great show overall just for the surprise factor of the MITB participants, I can’t wait to see the rest announced. The main evnt was perfect and this AJ thing just gets better with time. It was a fairly good week in WWE TV.

  1. Layla def. AJ.
  2. Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder to qualify for the WHC MITB Match.
  3. Tyson Kidd def. Jack Swagger to qualify for the WHC MITB Match.
  4. Santino Marella & Christian def. David Otunga & Cody Rhodes to qualify for the WHC MITB Match.
  5. Ryback def. Dan Barone & Brendan Burke.
  6. Tensai def. Justin Gabriel to qualify for the WHC MITB Match.
  7. Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.


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