Indie developers, EGGsist Ltd. bring an addictive new iOS game to the Canadian App Store.

In Zoo Hero, Pippo the Hippo needs your help to break out of his gloomy enclosure, get past the zookeeper, and escape to freedom. Equipped with a powerful trampoline, you guide Pippo through obstacles and traps, collecting power-ups to finally destroy the zoo fence.

Zoo Hero’s first release offers 20 levels with increasing difficulty in which you will have to find clever ways to help Pippo get out of his cage. Everything from burgers to wind-blowers, lazy elephants to mischievous whales, are key to Pippo’s quest for freedom.

Here’s a load of screenshots and art from the game:

A new style of game controls and physics capabilities gives you thorough control of Pippo’s movements. The trampoline can be moved right, left, up and down, and you can even tilt it to add hyper-realistic spin effects, helping Pippo cheat Rufus, the sneaky zookeeper.

Zoo Hero can also be played with friends using a revolutionary multiplayer function: put two iPhones next to each other to create one big deathmatch arena and duel your friend’s trampoline skills! Place traps and obstacles in your friend’s way and make them weep – or maybe laugh and demand a rematch!


Have you always wanted to be a hero? Now it’s your chance! Download Zoo Hero for free at the Canadian App Store:

More freedom-hungry animals and compelling levels will be added with future game updates.


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