Tokorosan no Mamorumo Semerumo, not easy on the tongue is it? Try saying it out loud: To-ko-ro-san no Ma-mo-ru-mo Se-me-ru-mo! Japanese sure is a different language. Anyway, this game is a Japan exclusive title released for the Famicom in 1987.

Tokorosan no Mamorumo Semerumo is a 2D platformer developed by ISCO and published by Epic/Sony Record. You play as Tokoro-san who is based around a popular actor/singer, Jôji Tokoro from Japan. Tokoro-san is equipped with a water gun with limited ammo and there are lots of various enemies, such as cats, jumping feet, turquoise dogs, spiders, and lots of other unidentifiable creatures.

Giant walking lips? I dont know..

In the beginning of each stage you get to see a map where the various locations carry names of districts in Tokyo.

You have a life bar and also a water bar to show how much ammo you have left, there are no health or ammo pickups which increases the difficulty. You enter each stage through a building and exit through another building at the end of each level where you will have to face a boss.

Every boss is the same as far as I have gotten. It looks like an old fashioned scuba diver, except he flashes the whole screen like a camera which freezes you and harms you. There’s a ladder you can climb and platforms to stand on but these do not protect you from his flash. You have to shoot him in the face for him to die. After each boss you have between 3-5 different doors to choose from. The doors you choose decides which way you will go on the map. The doors are unmarked so there’s no way of knowing which one takes you where. I assume there are different difficulties depending on which path you choose, but if you haven’t played it before it’s pure chance which way you will go.


Graphics 6/10

[box_dark]The graphic isn’t the best I’ve seen, the colors are sometimes a bit dark and dull, like brown and dark green, and the backgrounds are just one colour and doesn’t have much detail. But there’s a lot of variation in enemy sprites and they are both odd, cute and colorful! [/box_dark]

Music: 5/10

[box_dark]The same song keep repeating through every stage, it’s a fun and catchy song, but after a while it gets extremely repetitive… [/box_dark]

Gameplay 7/10

[box_dark]The controls are ok. It’s sometimes hard to make a jump between platforms over water and other hazards because of Tokoro-san’s limited jump height and speed, but it’s always manageable. Sometimes he feels a bit stiff, and there are also hazards such as going down a pipe finding there’s a hole below that kills you if you don’t manage to dodge it quickly. Also the gameplay gets a bit repetitive, since the stages are fairly similar, and the bosses are identical at the end of each stage and to my knowledge there is no plot or story..[/box_dark]

Japanese 10/10

[box_dark]There’s not really a lot of Japanese in the game except for the Kanjis telling you where you are on the map, but that’s not a problem since they’re also written in English above. [/box_dark]

Total: 28/40

[box_dark]I would say it’s enjoyable the first time around, but the replayability is quite low. It’s still a decent platformer and fun to try since it’s never been released outside Japan.[/box_dark]


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