This Friday I’m gonna talk about a game I recently picked up called Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell. The game was developed by Tose and published by Jaleco in 1986. It was a Japan exclusive release. Urusei Yatsura is apparently a famous Japanese anime series, but I haven’t seen it so I am basing my review of what I found out from the game alone.

This game is a 2D platformer with a bit of an arcade feeling to it. Every level is similar. You play as a girl who can shoot bolts of electricity and jump. The first stage is apparently an infant school!

And the school is on fire!! And you have to get the heck out of there!

And there are several enemies that will try to kill you. Flying hearts, walking octopus, birds, lucky cats and tiny midget people O_o

You will have to climb upwards while avoiding enemies. There are escalators, trampolines, moving platforms and bars you can climb to get you to your destination: the roof. Once you’ve reached the roof a UFO picks you up if you jump to it. This will take you to the next level.

In the next level you are in elementary school, you will see a sequence where the girl grows up a little bit. And the same thing happens after each level, you reach a new stage in life and the girl grows up into a woman, and I guess eventually she gets married (?)

For every stage it gets a bit harder. The fire raises faster, the enemies get faster and they shoot projectiles and they come in greater numbers.

I almost made it to the roof of this stage, but at the very end I died for about the 50th time >_< You only have 3 lives and then you’re Game Over. It’s an easy concept to grasp: just shoot and climb upwards, but all the variables like increasing enemies and rising fire that stresses you out make it difficult.

And there is no continue, you will have to start over from the beginning every time you get a Game Over. The only good thing is that if you die and have lives left you will get to start where you died, on the same floor, but the fire is still right beneath you… >_<


Graphics 6/10

[box_dark]It’s colorful with cute sprites and each level has it’s own color palette. But it gets repetitive after a while, you will see the same backgrounds repeat themselves over and over and over again. [/box_dark]

Music: 4/10

[box_dark]It’s got a catchy tune, but the same thing here, it gets repetitive since the same song keeps playing through each level. There’s a different tune that starts playing whenever the fire is closing in on you, just to stress you out even more! [/box_dark]

Gameplay 6/10

[box_dark]The controls are ok, it’s easy to figure out what you are supposed to do, but harder to execute it because of all the obstacles. It’s a good idea and fun in the beginning, but like many arcade like games it gets old quickly unless it’s really well thought through, like Pac-man or Donkey Kong that never grows old. Not a ‘Hit’ in other words ;D[/box_dark]

Japanese 10/10

[box_dark]No Japanese is needed to understand the gameplay or play the game, all the text is in English.[/box_dark]

Total: 26/40

[box_dark]It lacks a story and they could have put a bit more effort into every aspect. Some varied music, more variety in the levels and this game would have been above mediocre, but the way it is it just falls into the masses of blend games that don’t really leave an impression.[/box_dark]




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