A new trailer for God of War: Ascension was released today showing off the multiplayer combat that you’ll be seeing when the new installment in the God of War series hits store shelves. Game Director, Todd Papy also shares information on the XP system and customization available.

God of War: Ascension will have a multiplayer component that fans have been clamoring for for years and with that comes a lot of different options that the development team could utilize in the game. Game Director Todd Papy explained to the PlayStation Blog all about the customization and XP in GoW: Ascension:

“Where and how you begin as a Warrior in God of War: Ascension multiplayer is a mystery you’ll discover at launch, there is a story to “you,” notwithstanding, your first decision will be to pledge your allegiance to one of 4 familiar Gods: Zeus, Hades, Ares and Poseidon. Each God will offer a unique combat play-style and devastating abilities in battle. You’ll unlock special magic abilities, new and upgraded armors and weapons, mystical relics and other treasures as you earn XP to level up your Warrior.

While each will have an incredible array of combat maneuvers, the “attack-style” of the God you align with is critical to your Warriors “path.”

Our Warrior customization and XP system is going to keep you serving your God for centuries to come. It is your goal to become a true God of War, a Champion of the Gods. When you head into battle with friends and foes, you will have teammates aligned to all of the Gods, not only balancing out the strengths of each team, but creating a mythical and diverse combat war in every match.”

That truly sounds like an interesting way of playing and one that could prove to create a lot of different ways to play. Here’s the trailer:



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