Killzone: Mercenary – Gamescom 2012 Trailer


Here’s a surprising great looking title for the PlayStation Vita once again, this time we’re going back to the Killzone universe in Killzone: Mercenary. This is a must-see trailer!

Herman Hulst, Managing Director at Guerilla Games had this to say about Killzone: Mercenary:

“With Killzone: Mercenary, we want to offer PlayStation Vita owners a fresh perspective on the brutal conflict between ISA and Helghast – literally. For the first time in a Killzone campaign, you’ll be fighting alongside Helghast forces as well as ISA specialists, carrying out missions that the regular soldiers just won’t — or can’t.

As a mercenary, you’re free to decide which tactics and loadouts you’ll use to fulfill your contract; your employers will reward you with state-of-the-art weaponry and cold, hard cash as long as you get the job done. But what is the price of that freedom – and will you discover it before it’s too late?”