It seems like we aren’t going to be getting a Metal Gear Solid 5 but, we are getting a new game in the Metal Gear Solid series entitled, Metal Gear Solid Zeroes!

Gaming Everything reported earlier today that a new game has been announced in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been announced and was running on a PC at current-gen specs.

8-4’s Mark McDonald had this to say about the demo:

“Demo of ‘Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes’, started w cutscene (all realtime), went into gameplay, open world, night, raining, base. AMAZING … Snake crawled @ avoiding searchlights, killed guard, rode jeep, called in heli for evac. Sounds like MG, but the scale & atmosphere… Wow.”

We’ll get some footage once it becomes available but, this one sounds amazing!



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