Survival Horror comes to the PlayStation Move as Until Dawn has been revealed today at Gamescom. We have the first trailer and a few tidbits of information on a completely new experience coming to the Move.

Survival horror has generally been a strictly controller type of genre but, there’s a new game that’s about to change that. Here’s Will Byles of Supermassive Games to shed some light on Until Dawn for the PlayStation Move:

“On the anniversary of their friends’ disappearance, a group of classmates visit the site of the mystery to bury their ghosts and get some closure. Little do they know, they’ll end up burying each other instead…

Just like in classic horror films it’s isolated, the power’s out and the phones don’t work! You’ll play through the story as multiple characters, sometimes with a friend and sometimes on your own to discover who it is that’s intent on killing off you and your friends. It’s up to you how you play, so we don’t know how your story will go or who’ll be there with you at the end.”

This game sounds intense and I can’t wait to see how the Move can be used in this type of environment. This may be the best way to play a survival horror/suspenseful game where every movement could be your last. Check it out in action below:




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