Square-Enix has announced a few big pieces of information for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy today. More information inside!

Square-Enix announced today that a demo for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is now available on the Nintendo eStore for download.

They also announced some love for current players of the game with the final schedule of add-on content beginning on Spetember 6th at a price of $0.99 for each new track. Here’s the final release schedule:

September 6, 2012
1. “The Extreme” (FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2. “Esper Battle” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Fight 2” (FINAL FANTASY IV)
4. “Dungeon” (FINAL FANTASY II)

September 13, 2012

1. “The Castle” (FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2. “The Battle for Freedom” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Undersea Shrine” (FINAL FANTASY)
4. “What Becomes of Us” (FINAL FANTASY: Type-0)

September 20, 2012
1. “Force Your Way” (FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2. “Ragnarok” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
3. “Matoya’s Cave” (FINAL FANTASY)
4. “Tower of Mages” (FINAL FANTASY II)


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