New GMs, 3 hour Raw, and a very bothersome problem for the WWE are just some of the things discussed in This Week in WWE!

Let’s start this one with the new three hour Raw format that realistically started this week after last week’s star-studded Raw 1000. I’m still mixed on the whole three hour thing. On one hand, there’s a lot more time to draw out storylines and make them actually mean something more than the, “I hate you, you hate me, let’s fight” type storyline to something a lot more tangible. The secondary plus to that is that matches can now run a lot longer if WWE chooses to do so. Here’s the problem with those two things though; WWE chose to do neither of those things and instead gave us another mediocre, forgettable show. Sure, we had some very decent matches but, we should have more than just a couple on a three hour show. Not only that but, the segments we had consisted of recapping a pre-show fire five times and hyping Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar five times. If I’m watching a show, one recap does the job, none is better. New content or no content please.

AJ is a breath of fresh air for the Raw GM spot considering she has never held the spot. WWE has been  guilty of rehashing old ideas far too often and I’m glad they went with something new this time around. AJ actually has the acting ability to make her decisions seem convincing as if she actually was the one to come up with them and she has the fire to make any scene with her compelling as we’ve seen many times thus far. The one criticism I have of her as the GM though is that she did a complete 180 degree turn. On one hand you had the alternative, spunky, crazy girl who you could never understand no matter how hard you tried, complete with her own look that didn’t really compare to anyone else. Now what we have is nothing more than a Stephanie McMahon clone appearance-wise and the personality is just not there. Hopefully this was just an off week for AJ and that she can be as compelling as she has shown us she can be going forward.

AJ is the new GM and she completely changed into Stephanie McMahon!

Booker T is the new GM of Smackdown and it couldn’t come at a better time. Now SD has an established face of authority after going through a bit of a transitional stage with no one in power. Booker is an entertaining figure and someone who should bring a lot of good moments to the GM position. Much better suited in this spot than on commentary in my opinion.

AW is a throwback to the great managers of yesterday and the one single comparison I can make is that of Jimmy Hart. He even sounds like him! AW has a long way to go to be THAT good but, I want to see more managers like that in WWE. Managers are invaluable to a tag-team.

Tag-teams are a much needed commodity in WWE right now and I would love to know what they are going to do about this problem. A great deal of the reasoning why ratings have been down over the past few years is because there just isn’t the variety that was there in the early-2000s in terms up match types and amount of competitors. Now we have tag team matches between guys who have never been in tag teams or the two tag teams that WWE actually has and what does that say about the tag titles? Once very prestigious titles now wallow in the hands of teams who probably don’t even realize they hold the titles, I know I barely ever can remember who’s holding the titles because you never see them.

Punk is taking his character to a place we haven’t seen before.

Daniel Bryan continues his awesomeness with AJ and now being taken away by the boys in white. He’s been one of the high points of WWE programming in the last year or so. The man feeds off the crowd and he knows how to elicit reactions from that crowd. The sky is the limit for Bryan and he will be a major player in WWE for years to come.

Damien Sandow made a major impact this week on Raw beating down Brodus Clay. He’s quickly showing that he won’t be made to look like a fool and that he’s going to be a main event competitor before long. It took a long time but, it looks like Damien Sandow is here to say and that’s a good thing for the former Idol Stevens.

Sandow is making a name for himself every week.

Ryback needs to take his character to the next level soon, how much longer are people going to buy his dominance if nothing big happens with him. Hopefully there is a long term plan there and that this isn’t just another monster project that will be swept under the rug that runs its course. See Snitsky, Big Daddy V, and Tensai.

Randy Orton is far too content at being the same exact character every week with no variety. If you’ve seen one Orton match, you’ve seen them all. It’s really sad because Randy has all the tools to have great matches, he has great mechanics and charisma but, ever since he turned face he just hasn’t had the edge that he once did. He needs a big feud to being him back to where he was in 2008 and 2009.

Orton cam back this week but, is that a good thing?

Chris Jericho is said to be leaving soon and I for one am sad about that. This Ziggler/Jericho thing has been great so far and it doesn’t even look like it will get off the ground before Jericho decides to tour with Fozzy again. That’s his choice and it must be great to have that option but the fan in me wants to see him stay.

It was a very bleak week in WWE and I’d like to see a lot more out of the company next week with SummerSlam fast approaching. The biggest party of the Summer needs a build up like it really is what it’s being built as but, we will see.




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