This week in WWE saw a World Title match for SummerSlam cancelled, Shawn Michaels being confronted by Brock Lesnar, and AW gets fired for a comment that had too much “attitude”.

Let’s start this thing off with AW. Seriously folks, how does a company fire a guy for a rape joke when they have a convicted rapist in the WWE Hall of Fame?! Mike Tyson was a convicted rapist, Kobe Bryant was never convicted and the comment was funny! I mean when are we going to get to a point where people aren’t so anal about every single thing that gets said and when will WWE have the balls to go there again. This product used to be edgy and suspenseful, now whenever somebody tries to add a little bit of that again, they get thrown in the doghouse or fired. AW was a great manager and really made me understand ¬†Titus and Darren’s team better than I had before. ¬†Now they don’t have the presence that really brought this team together and put them on a big scale. What a shame.

The World Title is in question this week or is it? Is WWE pulling a swerve or realizing that nobody wanted to see this match again? I think the latter and I’m not the only one. This match can still happen or it can be changed to a triple threat or something more convenient for the fans. How about some stipulations? It seems like every match lately has been one on one or triple threat. How about a nice Falls Count Anywhere match for the title at SummerSlam? Throw Cody Rhodes in there with Sheamus and suddenly I’m interested. Unfortunately, I’m betting Del Rio will somehow be back in the match. I don’t hate Del Rio but, I hate his rivalry with Sheamus, it just doesn’t hold my interest.

This feud needs to end now and I think WWE realized that with the cancellation of their match at SummerSlam

Rey Mysterio is in a very low profile position right now losing clean to Punk on Monday night and one has to wonder if the office has completely lost faith in his ability to stay healthy. Rey’s best days are behind him after all the years of high-flying and death defying but, you can’t deny that the man can draw a reaction out of the crowd like few others in the business. In the twilight of his career it looks like Mysterio may be the helping hand to the younger talent than the multi-time World Champion of yesterday much like Christian as of late.

Releasing Randy Orton might have been the best idea for The Viper because he has totally lost everyone as the vanilla face. The guy just doesn’t have anything that I can’t see in someone else and that’s a problem. The once-promising Orton has become stale and boring. In reality, if you’ve seen one Orton match, you’ve seen them all and that is an alarming fact for a main event player in WWE. No one needs a heel turn worse than Orton right now and until then, his stock will continue to plummet.

Brodus Clay has become the utility big-man like Viscera, Snitsky, and many others. Simply put, WWE starts to sour on their monster face/heel big-men and then start to use them to put over the up and coming talent, in this case Sandow. This is a tried and true practice for WWE and has been done many different times. There are two routes for this to go with the first being the stay face and end up being released route, the second being the turn heel and end up getting released route. Either way, WWE sours on these big guys quickly and switches them in and out just as fast.

The bigger they are, the faster they fall when it comes to WWE Superstars.

Kelly Kelly is back and does anybody really even care? Did anyone notice she was gone? WWE’s resident barbie doll had a two-month absence and has returned to action for the time being. The question is, what does she give the show that no one else does? The answer my friends is nothing. I like Kelly, I think she really tries hard to put on a good show but, the fact of the matter is she just comes off acting very forced and generally doesn’t have a match longer than 60 seconds. Then again, neither do any of the Divas.

Speaking of Divas, does WWE even have Divas anymore? Besides AJ, Eve, and Kelly you wouldn’t think so. 3 hours and not room for Divas, that doesn’t speak highly of the girls. Maybe the office just doesn’t have faith they can carry a match or a segment for that matter. Maybe we should ask Nattie or Beth about that or the fact that two girls who made me change the channel last week had the match on Raw while they sit on the sidelines. It should would be nice to have a couple decent uncontracted female wrestlers on the market, but all there is is a couple “Beautiful People”. Can’t win ’em all…

Apparently WWE only has 3 Divas, at least AJ has cemented her place while Kelly and Eve are content with their status quo.

Brock Lesnar will see Shawn Michaels before SummerSlam. I’m not sure if they’re going out for coffee or if maybe he’s going to ask him for pointers against HHH, or if there’s some weird sexual fantasy going on there but, I don’t want to know. HBK will be at Raw tonight, maybe Lesnar is just going to kick his ass. Yeah, that sounds more plausible. Triple H will then play the revenge card and I’ll ask why this is so predictable. I hope I’m wrong but, so often it just doesn’t happen that way. Predictions used to be fun, now I have to turn off my brain or I’ll know the entire story arc for the season by the end of an episode of Raw. Russo’s crash TV may have had its detractors but, it was a hell of a lot more interesting than recent WWE is.

Is there anything Daniel Bryan can’t do? This guy is as compelling as they come and this comes from a guy everybody said lacked charisma. The man may be the MOST charismatic in WWE today and he just keeps pushing the crowd to the limit. Great stuff. YES! YES! YES!

Ryback seems to have pink eye lately. Someone must be playing tricks on him in the hotels or maybe this is his new badass look. Feed me more anti-biotics might be the catchphrase next week. Eek. Now we just need one for Jinderback.

Mahal is turning into a Ryback clone, who was a Goldberg clone. Jind-Berg, Gold-Hal? Who cares? Oh yeah, no one.

What’s not to love about AJ? The one bright point of an otherwise normal night of Raw. This week in brand spanking new white! Apparently the Stephanie McMahon comparisons were a bit too quick. She also put her wrestling sneaker-boots up in her office to show she hasn’t changed too much and then went to Smackdown to show she’s still crazy. Great week, great character.

This Jericho-Ziggler thing has me thinking which is never a good thing. If Jericho is bringing back Y2J, is Dolph bringing back the Spirit Squad. Where does it end? Seriously though, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla does need to make a decent return even if he is on the way out for awhile to be with Fozzy and it’s great that Ziggler is working with him. Their match at SummerSlam will be amazing. Mark my words. Hopefully Jericho won’t be gone for too long this time but, time will tell. He deserves to be able to come and go as he pleases, he’s earned that right.

SummerSlam is shaping up to be a very mediocre show even though it will be saved by an intense HHH/Lesnar match and a technically solid Jericho/Ziggler match. The World Title match is still up in the air and unless Dolph cashes in, the WWE Title match will be forgettable.


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