It was a crazy week in the WWE Universe this week with the fallout from SummerSlam and a few high-profile departures and a shocking Brock Leanar/Triple H matchup!

Let’s start off this week with Chris Jericho. What a class act this man has been since joining WWE 13 years ago. Chris came back for a little under 9 months this year and in that time made everyone around him look better. He never took much of the spotlight for himself and put over countless Superstars in the process. Jericho did win at SummerSlam but, the next night Dolph got to avenge that loss and solidified himself as a contender. That is what’s great about Chris Jericho, he doesn’t have the ego that a lot of wrestlers have. He has earned the right to come and go as he pleases and he makes an impact every time he does. Hopefully we see Jericho back in WWE sooner than later.

CM Punk is a really interesting character right now. He isn’t a full-blown heel yet but, every now and then, he does things that are heelish in nature. I believe by the time Night of Champions rolls around that Punk will become a full-fledged heel in John Cena’s home state. There’s no better place to get a ton of heat than to beat Cena is his own backyard and I believe that is what the slow-turn is leading up to. I also don’t see Punk losing that WWE Championship anytime soon. Punk has given the title more credibility than it’s had in a long time by making his way through all the challengers he’s faced and keeping it even longer will be a good thing for the prestige of the title.

Punk is becoming more villainous by the week.

Speaking of Punk, Cena’s title quest against Punk is really tiring. How long can this go on? Cena and Edge had a great rivalry years ago because it really felt like they despised each other and they did all sorts of things to further the feud. This feud is simply based on Punk beating Cena at every turn. After awhile, how can you keep going back to the same thing and have it be entertaining? It just doesn’t work and at some point, something’s got to give. John Cena should be feuding with somebody different like a Cody Rhodes or someone else that he’s never faced. Something new. Please.

Let’s get to Brock Lesnar here. Apparently Brock has nothing left to accomplish in WWE since he’s beaten Triple H. What a short-sighted statement and a completely brain-dead thing to say. That makes WWE look completely minor-league and Triple H look god-like. The problem I have with this is WHEN Brock comes back, how do you go back on that statement? You can’t just say, “Oh, I forgot I’ve never won the World Heavyweight Title” or “Oh yeah, I could still face Taker at Mania”. It doesn’t work like that. The creative for Brock is now going to have to actually be creative to come up with a way to re-introduce him down the line. Maybe we’ll find out more when Triple H discusses his future on Raw Monday night or maybe we’ll just have to wait.

Brock has conquered everything. Wait. What?

The tag-team division seems to be heating up a little bit with about four good young tag-teams. Add a couple more and we could start seeing something happen. How about putting Ohno and Cesaro together just like old times or bringing back the Brothers of Destruction for a 3 month run? Anything that WWE can do to revitalize the tag-team scene I am all in favour of right now. It’s looking good with the like of The Usos, Kidd & Gabriel, The Primetime Players, and Primo & Epico, they just need some different types of teams. We need a brawling type team and a technical team to offset all the high-flyers and hopefully WWE can find something like that and make it work.

I feel like Kaitlyn gets a lot of flak for not being the greatest in-ring performer or the greatest on commentary. I get it. Let me explain something though, Kaitlyn is very inexperienced. Kaitlyn was a fitness model who was signed to a WWE contract in July 2010, by September she was debuting on NXT. That’s a quick turnaround folks. By December she was already on the main roster! She had less than 6 months of wrestling experience in WWE by the time she was on the road with them, that’s not easy. Go try this stuff before you bad mouth a girl who had just two years in the industry and is being thrust into the role of championship contender far too quickly. I remember this same type of criticism with Michelle McCool and she turned out just fine.

Kaitlyn needs a bit more seasoning but, give her time and she’ll blossom into a decent wrestler.

Antonio Cesaro is a champion. A US Champion. By this time next year, I predict he may just be a World Champion. Remember that.

Alberto Del Rio is the number one contender for the World Title and once again, no one cares. This is the ultimate re-hash. How many times do we have to see the same thing and tell WWE that we don’t want it before we listen. Poor Sheamus too, he could have way better chemistry with other opponents. All well, we’ll see what happens.

Del Rio is going to face Sheamus again for the billionth time.

Check out next week to see my feedback on Triple H, what can we do about these Divas, and much more!



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