The road to SummerSlam ends tonight as WWE got through a final week with a lot of questions that have yet to be answered. Let’s take a look at some of the feuds and situations this week in WWE!

SummerSlam is closing in and WWE has a very similar problem to what they’ve had in the past, there simply isn’t very much to look forward to. Other than Lesnar/HHH which was built up wonderfully and paced very well, what is left for people to look to as the next best match? The two title matches are bores with the Del Rio/Sheamus match we’ve all seen before and a Triple Threat match between Cena/Show/Punk that we’ve already seen for about 3 straight weeks in different variations on Raw. We’ve seen it all before and that’s becoming a trend that they can’t get away from. SummerSlam may be the least viewed one of all time with the way things are going and I can’t see that changing between now and 8PM.

Speaking of SummerSlam, this whole HBK thing felt kind of forced didn’t it? I mean we all knew Brock was going to attack Shawn and that he probably wouldn’t be able to attend SummerSlam right? Look for Michaels to somehow factor in to the outcome of this one OR have it be the driving force behind a Triple H victory.

Brock saw HBK before SummerSlam…and broke his arm.

The US Title has been sitting on Santino for months and the same thing happens every time, he retains via a fluke win and keeps the title. Mark my words, that changes Sunday on the PPV pre-show as Antonio Cesaro will take the title and hopefully restore the prestige it has sorely lacked since the days of the Benoit/MVP feud and prior. Maybe even change it back to the European title. Cesaro teased that in a recent interview and I can’t help but be in favour of that move.

Who’s the most over talent in any wrestling company right now? Popular opinion would be CM Punk but, mine would be Daniel Bryan. The guy gets a reaction like I’ve never heard before, some nights those “Yes” chants are deafening. It’s crazy how easily he can get the fans to react to him and this is just the beginning of his WWE career. Look out.

YES!, YES!, YES! One word sends a crowd into a frenzy for Daniel Bryan.

Heath Slater has had good matches out all these legends and everything and yet he gets squashed by R-Truth. The same things goes for JTG voicing his opinion only to be squashed by Ryback. Justice is not among us in WWE.

Tensai continues his downward spiral against Sin Cara and no one cares. The former Albert needs that gimmick change sooner rather than later. As in, NOW!

Chris Jericho may be having one of the best months he’s had in years and when Ziggler pulls one out against him this Sunday, it still won’t be a bad thing for Jericho. Remember, winning is nothing in sports entertainment and Jericho has made more people look good over the years than anyone in recent memory. Jericho simply gets it and Ziggler is hungry. This one has the makings of a SummerSlam classic.

Jericho has become the go-to guy to get someone to the next level.

Christian sure has been getting his ass kicked lately, I guess that short Intercontinental Title reign really did wonders for him. Come on WWE, use your wrestlers in better ways. Like, wrestling.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are apparently Chippendales dancers now and guess what? That’s the most creative thing they could have done. I mean think about it, the girls are going to love those guys and once you get one segment of the crowd, you’re over (see John Cena). These guys have worked their tails off trying to get a spot in spite of everyone else and now they may have finally hit something that works and that sets them apart and they deserve it.

Alberto Del Rio is great on the mic, he entertains me there. In the ring, I just get bored and I sense that this is the problem with the rest of the fans. He’s not a bad wrestler either, his repertoire is just not that visually appealing and that creates a bit of disdain among the WWE Universe who want to be entertained every second. I think that given a Submission match, he could steal the show and maybe that would have been a creative thing to do against Sheamus considering he doesn’t use a whole lot of submissions or holds. I just hope that this World Title match is full of good spots or it could be the sore spot of the card.

Another Sheamus/Del Rio match. *Yawn*

SummerSlam is set and it looks to be a very bland PPV but, we’ll see. All the analysis will be right here next weekend in the next week’s, “This Week in WWE”.



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