inFamous is a fairly new exclusive to the PlayStation family yet, after two full retail outings and one downloadable adventure we’re getting an inFamous Collection. Is Cole McGrath’s story enough to warrant a full collection of games are is this one set of games that was better left alone?

Release Date August 28, 2012
Genre Action/Adventure
Platforms PS3
Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Price $39.99 US
ESRB Rating Teen
Players 1 Player


*A copy of this game was provided to FYIG by PlayStation for review purposes*

Sucker Punch Productions weren’t very well known until 2002 when they released their breakout hit, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus on the PlayStation 2. The game spawned 2 sequels and was one of the most beloved games on the platform. When Sucker Punch shifted development to the PlayStation 3 after launch, they wanted to go a darker route and chose to begin development on their open-world action game, inFamous.

Players take the role of Cole McGrath, an ordinary bike messenger who happens to be the origin of a massive explosion that destroys part of the game’s setting, Empire City. Cole awakens with extraordinary electrical powers.  The second game focuses on The Beast, a creature of untold power that Cole must eventually face or join. In Festival of Blood, the story tells of the vampire, Bloody Mary and Cole’s struggle against her.

Cole can go pretty much anywhere in the massive open-worlds inFamous provides.

The interesting thing about inFamous is the fact that it has a Karma system which plays into the way the story goes along though. If players perform good deeds throughout their story, they will unlock different powers and different missions than those they would get if they took the evil route. The people of Empire City will praise you or fear you accordingly. Actions that affect your Karma are things like helping people in the streets that are wounded or killing them, restraining Conduit (the game’s henchmen) members or using Bio-Leech which takes their life away, and other various moments in the game where the player has to make a choice. The endings in each game are different depending on said choices.

The great thing about the inFamous series is that the storytelling and voice acting is so incredibly believable. Everything has a place in the story and if you’re doing something or completing something, it always has a reason behind it. Each character allows you to really connect with them and understand their story, even the civilians who need help. It’s not generic by any means. The comic book style interjections in between the action is a great way to understand Cole better too as you come to find out more about his backstory as the games move forward. Not only do you start to understand him but, you also find out what he’s thinking which is a great way of foreshadowing events that are about to take place in the game.

Sometimes you’ve just got to take down the beast.

By far the best thing about inFamous happens to be the awesome ways you get to use your electric powers. The standard weapon in the game is quick lightning bolts that can be shot in any direction. In addition to that, there are standard electricity grenades, sniper bolts, and lightning strikes at your disposal, just to name a few. Cole also gets his own melee weapons in the second game and his downloadable adventure. The other cool thing that players will love is the fact that when you’re running low on energy and are about to die that you can drain energy straight from anything that is running off electricity nearby by simply hitting the L2 button. The arsenal is huge in inFamous and you never have to worry about not having the right weapon to take on your foes. Not only do you have great weapons but, players will also be able to slide along electrical wires and use Cole’s signature climbing abilities to get to anywhere you need to go.

Festival of Blood is an even darker take on inFamous than the previous outings. This ain’t Twilight.
Pros Cons
3 games for less than the price of one Festival of Blood is on a voucher, not a disc
Technical Performance
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game-review-the-infamous-collectionPlayers will be getting a good amount of value for their hard-earned cash in this collection with the first two games in the inFamous series, the critically-acclaimed downloadable adventure, Festival of Blood, some extra missions, skins, and weapons. For anybody who doesn't already own most of this stuff, it's definitely a great decision to buy this collection, it's a lot of fun and it doesn't get much better than Sucker Punch when it comes to games studios, these guys are passionate about their work and it shows in the games they have made. At 39.99, the inFamous Collection is definitely something everyone should check out, my only complaint is that Festival of Blood is a download voucher and not on disc which to me shouldn't have been the case but, it's not a make it or break it thing. Check out the inFamous Collection if you want great value for your cash.


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