It was a very tense week in WWE with Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, Bret Hart returning, and Wade Barrett looking to make his in-ring return next week! Check out ‘This Week in WWE’!

Let’s start this off with Bret Hart. What a great return to such a historic place in wrestling history for Bret. The fans haven’t forgotten and Bret himself has definitely forgotten. Bret will seemingly always draw a huge response and it’s a shame that he doesn’t have a more regular role in WWE. I for one would love to hear the Hitman’s opinions on commentary or even hosting some of the WWE dvds. Any role that you can get Bret to agree to would be great, it’s such a travesty that he only makes sporadic appearances. I guess we should be lucky he cam back to bury the hatchet at all though. No one ever saw that coming.

This would have been a match for the ages.

Sticking with the Hart family, let’s talk about Tyson Kidd. Never have I seen someone with so much potential be held back as much as this man has been. The guy is in the best shape of pretty much anyone on the roster, I’ve never seen him have a bad match, and he can talk on the microphone when given the chance. He has the charisma and the wrestling ability, he just needs the opportunity. Hopefully time will give Tyson a healthy run with either the United States or the Intercontinental Championship and he can show the world why he’s one to keep your eye on in the future.

Beth Phoenix made some appearances this week which is never a bad thing. Beth has long been a favourite of mine withing the Divas division. There aren’t many women who present the power and technicality that Beth does and I understand that she had family matters to tend to which is why she was absent for so long. Beth seems to have taken the role of mentor to the Divas as she has often been seen losing clean to many of the up and coming Divas. This is something that needs to be done to help the rookies become reliable enough to carry matches and actually rebuild the division which has lost so many women over the last 5 or 6 years. Beth and Natalya are the two Divas that can hold this responsibility and hopefully before long, we’ll be seeing one of them on top of the division once again.

Beth is back but, what’s the deal with Alicia? Is she heel or face? It changes weekly.

Wade Barrett is back and I think that he is really going to hit his stride after coming back from injury. This man was on the road to the World Championship and was slated to win Money in the Bank before being sidelined earlier in the year. Wade possesses great athleticism for a larger athlete and can talk extremely well. Even going back to The Nexus, his promos have always been very well thought out and delivered with great emotion. Wade has risen quickly and I don’t see that rise stopping anytime soon.

Well wishes go out to Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler who suffered a heart attack during Monday’s episode of Raw. Jerry has long been a mainstay on commentary and has provided his insight to thousands and thousands of matches as well as competing in thousands more during his career. If anyone knows wrestling it’s Jerry and I hope he gets well soon.

Get well soon, King!

The Miz is really underrated in a lot of ways. I’ve always though Miz had a lot more to offer than he ever got credit for. Coming from reality tv, the man had a tough time breaking in and fitting in with the WWE locker room. Miz made it despite all of his critics and eventually went on to main event Wrestlemania. Now the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz is showing everyone that he’s here to stay and that’s a good thing. The Miz is part of a select group of talent that is the future of this company along names like Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase, Seth Rollins, Kassius Ohno, Antonio Cesaro, and select others.

AJ’s momentum has really cooled in the last few weeks and she really seems to be on a down trend. It may be all part of a storyline but, why take one of the hottest attractions in your company and render her completely irrelevant. Missed opportunity there for WWE and I can really see AJ losing the GM spot a lot sooner than later. It looks like the seeds are already being planted.

Could AJ’s reign as GM be coming to an end?

Randy Orton looks to be coming back into his own. I criticized him for being very basic but, for Randy basic seems to work. Word is Randy wants to be heel and I truly think that would be a good idea. There’s nothing left for Randy as a face and winning the World Title as a face would do nothing for him. Now’s the time for a turn.

Kane has been doing some of his best work lately, what a great character that we’ll surely miss when this man retires which appears to be fairly imminent. Kane has been a staple since 1997 as a character and in that time, there hasn’t been a single person who has hovered around the mid-car/main-event quite a long. He can be a monster or a comedy figure but, either way, Kane will be a Hall of Famer.

Night of Champions is tonight and we’ll see what happens. The card doesn’t look great but, we’ll get some new storylines going after tonight which is a plus.

Until next week..



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