A great Diva departs well another flounders, JBL provides some excellent commentary, and Cena has surgery this week in WWE!

John Cena had arm surgery to remove bone fragments this past week putting him out of action for what most are saying is four to six weeks. He’ll still be staying on tv but, one has to wonder whether he’ll be ready for Hell in a Cell. Personally, I believe having Cena away from the ring for awhile might not be a bad thing. I think every wrestling fan is getting a little tired of constantly seeing this man in the main event every night. The same type of thing happened with Hulk Hogan way back when, he had been on top so long that everyone started to resent him. In a lot of ways, Cena plays that very same character that can do no wrong and is always about the people and we all know how that one played out. WWE.com had an article this weekend about what it would be like if famous factions had different Superstars than their original counterparts, one of those was the nWo with John Cena. This is exactly the type of radical thing WWE needs, Cena should turn heel and be the main face of a stable of rising stars like The Prime Time Players or even Tyson Kidd or Justin Gabriel. This is the type of change that could flip the complacency that has ruled WWE TV in the PG Era.

Cena needs a change to his character, hopefully that will come within the next year.

JBL came back to commentary this past week and was such a welcome voice over the airwaves. His chemistry with Micheal Cole on play-by-play is second to none and he really plays the heel commentator very well. Not only does JBL play a great role but, he adds a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to give viewers a history lesson from WWE’s past if need be which other announcers have tended to stay away from. I’m a big fan of continuity and I don’t like when WWE tries to hide the past of certain wrestlers when we all know anyways and JBL is not afraid to tell you exactly how that wrestler came up the ranks. I would like to see JBL come back full-time and maybe he will but, for now it’s only a few appearances. He definitely fills a need that WWE seems to try to forget about, that being commentators who can engage the audience.

Rey Mysterio has really been lingering since returning to the ring this year. With all the injuries Rey has suffered over the years, it seems he has lost the confidence of the powers that be. Not only that but, Rey really looks like he is in the twilight of his career and we may not be seeing much more of him before he hangs up the boots. He’s been one of the most influential wrestlers of his time period and has innovated and utilized some of the most exciting moves that fans have ever seen but, in doing that, the toll on his body has been a heavy one. It’s been a great run for Rey but, I think it’s time to hang the boots up at Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey.

Is Rey coming to the end of his road?

Layla is being handed the role of top face Diva in WWE and I can’t help but, think that she needs some work in the promo area. Multiple times that I’ve heard her on the mic sparring with someone, she has been completely left without any comeback besides saying things like “Whatever” over and over again. Come on Layla, put some thought into it. If you can’t make the audience believe in you than you have lost the whole battle. I think the front office sensed that Layla was uncomfortable in the role as well and decided that putting the title on the much more confident Eve would be better in the short term. Layla has some nice moves in the ring and can get through a match fairly well but, her promos sink her in my view. Let’s hope she can bounce back and show us why she should be a top contender.

This former Divas champ still has some work to do to stay at the top.

Beth Phoenix, who I mentioned in my last post, is leaving WWE in the near future. I’m hearing dates being reported in the mid to late October range as being her final appearances. This is a huge blow to the Divas division and easily leaves Natalya as the only pure wrestler on the Divas roster. The way things are going are very scary for women’s wrestling in WWE. There are people like Velvet Sky, Angel Williams, and Kharma still out there but, it really doesn’t speak well with so many women leaving the organization. This used to be one of the focal points for WWE just 3-4 short years ago and in that time the division has been completely obliterated. It’s tough to see but, it does open opportunities for new women to grab the brass ring so to speak and make the next step a lot easier than before. Good luck, Beth! WWE will miss you.

The Divas division won’t be the same without Beth Phoenix.

Whatever happened to great shows like Confidential and Velocity? I want my weekend wrestling fix! It was great in the early 2000s to sit down on a Saturday night and watch a bunch of different wrestling shows that were first-run content and then have Heat on Sunday. Now, we have things like Vintage Collection and WWE Experience but, I want to see some behind the scenes stuff and some up and coming wrestlers like those that were featured on the “B-Shows”. Sure there’s Saturday Morning Slam and Superstars and soon to be Main Event but, it’s all on weekdays which are already full of wrestling. The weekend needs some love too. I just feel like there was so much more continuity between shows back then, we had storylines go through Raw, Smackdown, Heat, sometimes even Metal/Jakked or Velocity too. Now, it seems like the new B-Shows are just filler. This needs to change and soon.




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