As we move towards Night of Champions we take a look at how Eve Torres has taken her character in a new direction. We also look at the evolution of Alberto Del Rio, the new heel in CM Punk, and how Daniel Bryan just continues entertaining. All this and more this week in WWE!

Eve Torres has been an interesting television character for a long time in WWE. The former diva search contestant has played a number of roles since coming into the organization but, none as intriguing as the one she’s playing now. The one criticism I always had of Eve was that she never seemed believable to me doing promos. I always felt as if she was reading of a teleprompter or a script. Now, Eve seems more free and expressive and really gets across every emotion. Not only have we seen more emotion out of her however, we’ve seen the best ring-work of her career which is always a great thing to see. I’m interested to see where this storyline goes and whether she’ll once again turn face or remain as a heel. I could see the assistant to the GM quickly becoming a Divas Title contender which may just be the best way to go for the oft-forgotten title.

Eve is quickly becoming one of the most reliable Divas within WWE.

CM Punk has definitely made himself the man to see in WWE within the past year. Punk has shown that he can do anything and make anyone want to watch him with a simple promo. There aren’t many people that can match his skills in that department. The work he’s done lately is nothing short of genius, especially with the pairing of Paul Heyman. Let’s get this straight, the two don’t need each other but, aren’t you more inclined to watch when they’re together? I know I am and this could be the start of something huge. As always, time will tell but, it definitely looks like this could lead to huge things with the potential for a mega-team with Brock Lesnar. The possibilities are truly endless.

Daniel Bryan continues to impress me, especially considering the fact that he’s worked with so many different personalities within the past 8-12 months. Bryan can work with anybody and have an outstanding match with anyone but, what’s more, he can entertain with the best of them too! The one knock that Bryan always had was his ability to deliver promos and yet now, I would say he’s among the best at doing so on the roster. When you give somebody a chance, you get to see how they can shine in different ways and I’m glad Daniel Bryan got the chance to take his character in the direction that he wanted it to go and really make it his own. These anger management skits have been a great extension of that. The sky’s the limit for this former ROH standout.

Hug match, yeah that just happened.

Alberto Del Rio has really come into his own as of late. I have been fairly critical of Alberto considering how long and mundane his matches usually are but, I was wrong. His mean streak lately has brought him back to an elite level and if he can maintain his persona that he holds right now, I could see him becoming a very valuable part of the title picture on either brand. His cross-armbreaker has been a quick turnaround in matches where Del Rio was being dominated and definitely adds an excitement factor in terms of not knowing when it may pop up. Del Rio is on the upswing.

Sheamus has been excellent lately. Purely excellent. This man has come from being a true monster heel in the beginning of his time in WWE to one of the best faces on the roster today. Sheamus delivers some great promos and can put together a decent match with pretty much any opponent which is a hard thing to accomplish. The World Heavyweight champion definitely has a healthy career ahead of him, even if this World Title reign has been somewhat less noteworthy than viewers would have expected. Let’s be honest, most of his battles have been with Alberto Del Rio and haven’t been as hotly anticipated as WWE would have liked.

Next week in “This Week in WWE”, we’ll talk about Jerry Lawler’s health scare as well as the interesting position WWE finds themselves in concerning so many high-profile departures from the company.



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