It was a very different type of week in WWE with it possibly being “Game Over”, CM Punk fully turning heel (or so it seems), and Natalya mysteriously putting over everyone that steps in the ring with her. It’s time for This Week in WWE!

Is it really game over? That’s what WWE and Triple H seem to want you to believe but, don’t read too much into it just yet. Brock Lesnar has limited dates with WWE and I’m not fully convinced that there won’t be a rematch there. The better question would be, will anyone want to watch that trainwreck again. The other thing to note here is that Triple H would have a HUGE sendoff if it indeed was his last match. Obviously a lot of this whole thing is storyline but, you have to believe that the end will be near for the well-established veteran. When Triple H does call it quits, he will go down as one of the greater personalities of his time.

Is it really the end? Doubtful.

Vickie Guerrero is really getting on my nerves lately and my main problem with her is that she can not make a good promo. She reiterates the exact same thing over and over again and bores the crowd into a lull. This has been going on for quite some time and I can definitely say that it’s a bit of a problem considering she is the one tasked with being Dolph Ziggler’s mouthpiece. Dolph should be speaking for himself and not relying on her, if there’s one weakness he has, it’s his promos and that needs to be fixed before he has any type of a run with a World Title.

CM Punk beat down Jerry Lawler and adds his name to the 50 other guys that have done the same in their career. This is the thing that in my mind will put him over the top as a full fledged heel. I feel that this is a good move for Punk, he seemed limited during his face run in terms of saying what he wanted to say. Sure he had some good promos and all but, now Punk can go anywhere he wants and it will only help him. I’ve also always felt that Punk has a whole lot more personality as a heel than a face and that he looks more comfortable in that role. It’s time to see if the “Best in the World” can be the best heel in the world and if his Straight Edge Society days are any example, he’ll be just fine.

CM Punk destroyed Jerry Lawler Monday, lets see what he can do with his new found heel persona this week.

Kane absolutely stole the show last week in his anger management segment. What a rant on the demented life of his character and it was so hilarious. If Kane can’t be the monster heel, than this is probably the next best thing. Everyone has to remember that Kane has been around a long time and he’s done pretty much everything you can possibly have him do. There’s really nothing left and within the next few years I would say he will probably be retiring from active competition. That doesn’t mean we’ll see the last of him though as Glen Jacobs has a very creative mind and that will certainly be put to great use long after his in-ring days are behind him.

What is up with Natalya? Can anyone give her her due? She may be one of the best wrestlers on the roster but, in backstage vignettes and in-ring action she is buried every single time. She’s either made out to be stupid or put in a losing situation. If this kind of stuff continues, I can’t see the Hart Princess wanting to continue with this company. More than that, where’s Beth Phoenix? Is she missing? Should I file a report? What is going on with these Divas? Terrible stuff. This is a 3 hour show now and there needs to be some focus in different places or viewers are going to stop tuning in. There’s time for Divas, it needs to be used accordingly. AJ is the only Diva doing anything of note and maybe the other Divas should take notice of how she is differentiating herself and try to do the same.

Come on Nattie, bring some credibility back to the Divas division!

Randy Orton beat Ziggler Friday night. I have issue with this on many levels. My first issue is that Dolph is being built up yet he keeps being made to look inferior to the already established stars. My second issue is that Orton has never changed and for some reason, WWE just deals with his failed drug tests and childish antics. No man is bigger than WWE and he should have at least been given a low profile run for the rest of 2012 so that he realizes that there are consequences for his actions. Yes, he was already suspended but, Randy has proven that that wasn’t enough before. I’m very disappointed in his whole situation.

Cody Rhodes. Can we get this guy a decent feud? The guy only comes into tapings in the best shape of anyone on the roster, he can talk the talk, he can wrestle the best. What gives? He’s the entire package and he really deserves to go after the big one now more than ever. I don’t know what the stand-still is for Cody but, he really deserves a title run more than anyone else right now and Sheamus would be the perfect opponent for that. I would welcome that new feud. In a company where everything is always rehashed, it’d be very nice to see something new.

Here’s hoping this week’s episodes can bring us something new and really further the very stale storylines that are clogging the airwaves right now.



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