PlayStation released a very odd new teaser trailer that’s only 16 seconds in length. Check out the trailer inside along with speculation as to what it could be about.

Ah, teaser trailers. Speculation is abound with Sony’s latest teaser showing a woman sitting in a room loading a gun at a table when the power goes out. The trailer goes on to show a 10/23/2012 date with the PlayStation YouTube account indicating more will be revealed that day.

Here are my thoughts on what it could be:

The Agency: Reloaded

Everyone probably remembers the ambitious MMO that was set to drop on the PlayStation 3 and PC but, then was dropped without much explanation due to studio closures. Recently with the new PlayStation Store debuting in Europe, there was a picture from The Agency embedded in the store. Could this promising title be rising from the ashes? Only time will tell.

inFamous 3 or inFamous Vita

Interestingly enough, there was a flash of blue electricity at the end of the video which would seem to indicate a return to inFamous. While I’m not sold on that idea yet, I would lean towards a Vita announcement of a prequel more than anything.

Unannounced Title

Could this game be a new title? I’m thinking that maybe it just could be something we’ve never seen before. Sony never stops surprising us with the sheer amount of quality exclusives that they bring to the table and this could be another.

We’ll have to stay on the PlayStation YouTube channel October 23rd for some announcement regarding this but, from what we’ve seen, it should be something hotly anticipated.





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