This week in WWE saw the return of Mr. McMahon among other things. We’ll also talk about factions and how they’ve been improperly used as of late. All that and more this week in WWE!

John Cena returned to Raw after a week hiatus. Apparently hell freezes over when Cena is off TV because he came on to tell us how much he missed being on TV and talked about Antonio Cesaro’s appearance. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in nearly every main event since 2005. It becomes very annoying when a star can come back to TV for no reason and do nothing of note. There are more stars that can be made in Cena’s brief absence and why not do it? There’s a huge problem right now with no new stars being pushed to the heights they need to be pushed to. Take a Cody Rhodes or a Dolph Ziggler and elevate them to that next level because before long, that’s what’s going to have to happen. Many people don’t realize that John Cena is in his mid-thirties and doesn’t have many more years left, 5-10 years from now he’ll be in a far different role and these guys will need to step up. It’s a very weird time in WWE and not for good reason. They have neglected making their next top guy for the first time in their history and will pay for it dearly if they don’t address the issue soon. The WWF had Hulk Hogan, then Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, then Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, and Triple H, then Cena, Punk, Orton. Punk is the only one that really stands a chance of being around when the next guy comes in. Rhodes, Ziggler, Rollins, Ohno, Cesaro and a few others have the opportunity to take things to that next level and I hope that those are the guys that get the opportunity to be champions in the future. As for right now, WWE needs to slowly transition away from Cena being the face of everything and start making other guys a bigger part of this show.

Cena came back…to talk about Cesaro’s nipples…PG WWE.

Vince McMahon came back this week to face-off against CM Punk and I have to admit, McMahon really looked good in the small amount of time that he was out there. His presence automatically makes people tune into the show and I understand that, I also understand that he’s been a part of the most successful storylines in history which is a tremendous accomplishment. What I don’t understand about this is the timing. How can you bring back a character like that at a time where ratings have already sunk to new lows? It’ll help for now but, the ship is already sinking and the whole show needs to be addressed. This past week was a fairly decently paced three hour show with a lot of cliffhangers to keep fans guessing but, why hasn’t that been the case until now? The attitude needs to come back, desperately. There’s only so many times you can here someone say “I’m gonna kick your butt”. I get that kids watch this show but, guess what? Kids grow up and when kids grow up, they grow out of the cutesy crap that Cena and so many others shove down our throats. Kids see way worse these days on any other channel than what you saw in the Attitude Era and to be honest, the parents should stop them from watching it if that’s the case. WWE has consistently lost viewers since the PG Era started and that’s a fact, time to cut the losses.

He’s back, for now. The ratings savior.

Kaitlyn really seems to have been screwed in my opinion. The girl was supposed to have a nice Divas Title match on pay-per-view and then the storyline attack comes into play and she has a measly one on Raw where Eve makes her look like a jobber. Look, I get it ok, Kaitlyn could improve greatly in the ring, that’s obvious. Some people just seem to forget that Kaitlyn was one of the models that came into WWE with no experience and was thrust onto NXT right away. She’s come a long way and I for one would like to see her continue her seasoning by having more matches, however having matches like that helps no one. I like that WWE has built Eve up because they do need a go-to Diva and Eve actually does have a lot of training being the fiance of Rener Gracie, I just don’t like how they have her destroy Divas who may just be the future of the division. Regardless, I like the fact that Kaitlyn is still making appearances on NXT and that there are some Divas down there who seem to be close to being called up to the main roster.

Unfortunately, this was probably the only good moment for Kaitlyn in a one-sided loss for the developing Diva.

NXT has been one of the most well-produced shows that WWE has put out in years by the way. Seth Rollins is the reigning champion and has had some great matches proving that he’s here to stay. Paige is definitely turning heads with her interesting look and character that I can really see fitting in with the new team of The Ascension. Kassius Ohno makes his presence felt every time and always has the crowd with his great promos and matches. Then there’s Richie Steamboat who seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. The whole show is just great to watch and you can really see how much attention is being paid to character development and the technical aspects of wrestling. Check out NXT if you haven’t already, the future is definitely there.

Paige doesn’t look like every other Diva and she has a completely unique character as well. Finally, something different!

Factions are something I wanted to touch on this week mostly because of the fact that Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, and Drew McIntyre have formed one. I hate it. It’s stupid and these guys don’t need it. Jinder Mahal is great in the ring but, he needs a new persona. The foreign heritage thing never works, I don’t care where you’re from, no one wants it shoved down their throats. It didn’t work for Khali, Daivari, Hassan, or anybody that tried to be a heel in that way. You have to be a heel by example not by national pride and not everyone from another country should have to have that paraded as their main character point. Drew McIntyre was a victim of his relationship with former Diva, Tiffany as he has never been to the heights that everyone thought he would reach after their domestic dispute. Heath Slater also needs a new gimmick, this one man band thing just doesn’t do anything for him. He needs to get serious just like Zack Ryder needs to get serious. These comedy gimmicks don’t let these very good wrestlers go up the ladder and in the end, they all get let go. It ends up being a fad and the talent suffers. The same problem can be said for monster heels, see Snitsky and Big Daddy V. Factions are great if they’re done right but, when they’re just thrown together, things don’t work as well as they could. DX, nWo, Evolution, the 4 Horsemen, the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, The Ministry, and The Corporation worked is because all the members had common goals and all worked well together. These guys probably have seldom worked together and don’t really have a goal at all. They’re making a band? That doesn’t even make sense with Drew and Jinder. Dumb idea but, there does need to be a new heel faction to run rampant through WWE and make things interesting. Bring it on.

That’s it for this week in WWE, as always, comments are welcome!


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