This week in WWE we talk about Antonio Cesaro’s push, Kofi’s title win, Heyman enhancing Punk’s character and so much more!

Antonio Cesaro has risen to prominence very quickly in WWE but, I’m having a bit of a problem with it in how it’s coming about. Cesaro is an amazing technical wrestler and one who can really show off his skills, the problem is that he’s not being given that opportunity. Instead of being given the time to really show what he can do, he gets in maybe five or ten moves and squashes his opponent. While this big push is great for Cesaro, I for one wish that he could have a good 20 minute match to show everyone that he can go with the best. I’m sure Cesaro will get his big opportunity sooner than later by why not have a high profile feud right now with one of the two workhorse titles in the US Title? I definitely believe there’s money to be made in a Tyson Kidd/Cesaro feud, they’ve had some excellent bouts so far and I would like to see a good 2 month feud between the two even if the title stays with Cesaro. This is the type of thing that would create interest in the title once again and give it some credibility that it loss with the pointless reigns of people like Santino. Santino is by no means a bad wrestler when he isn’t in the comedy role but, he held the title for months in that comedy role and it really hurt the prestige of the title. Cesaro will bring the prestige of this title back up but, only if he gets some highly competitive opponents to take it to new heights and not by squashing people before eventually dropping it.

That definitely has some impact and it looks cool too!

Ryback is another man who has scored a huge push with a very long and dominant undefeated streak. That streak has drawn him some comparisons to Bill Goldberg, right or wrong. The thing is, Goldberg had an unprecedented winning streak in which no one could touch him for months and months while Ryback has only just begun. Winning streaks are a funny thing in wrestling, once they start going, they become sacred. Look at Taker’s streak, it’s one of the most incredible things and it brings everyone in wrestling together to watch one single match every year. That’s the reason why this whole Ryback match at Hell in a Cell is such a tense situation, Ryback can’t lose but, neither can CM Punk. The reason this decision is such an important one is two-fold; if Ryback loses, the mystique is gone and if CM Punk loses, his momentum is gone. I see this one ending in confusion or possibly as a draw which doesn’t give Ryback a loss and allows Punk to retain. I’m really concerned on how well a Cell match will benefit Ryback though. All we’ve seen of the big man so far is squashes, how is he going to fare in a main event match. It’s sink or swim time and I really hope he doesn’t sink. We need someone new to succeed and Ryback may just be that guy.

Ryback is coming to a crucial point in his career at Hell in a Cell.

CM Punk has been making a name for himself since coming to WWE but, I for one have never been more impressed with his work than I have been lately. Punk has had some incredible promos with the different legends he’s worked with lately including Vince McMahon last week. The great thing about Punk’s promos is that there’s nothing generic about them, Punk speaks right from the heart and expresses his feelings to whoever he’s working with. That’s what can make or break a feud. When the people can actually feel the tension between two foes, the whole thing has more meaning. The other thing I’ve been enjoying about Punk’s work lately is that he’s using a lot of heel tactics to get heat like leaving tag matches and taking cheap shots on defenseless foes. The great thing about him doing those things though is that he does it when the fans least expect it and he doesn’t over-use any of those tactics, he’s always keeping things fresh and keeping everyone guessing. Then there’s the addition of Paul Heyman

A match made in heaven.

Paul Heyman is the perfect supplement to CM Punk right now. I know when Paul first came in to the picture that not many people thought he would be a good fit for the outspoken Punk but, he has shown that he can be a great supporting character for the WWE Champion. The opportunity was too great to pass up with these two, they had always wanted to work together and its a completely new situation for both of them. Punk has never had a true manger in WWE and Heyman has never been the manager who isn’t the voice of the Superstar he is with (like with Brock). Heyman is someone who stands off to the side and holds the title and adds credibility to Punk (although he doesn’t need it). Not only that but, Heyman is there to reinforce that Punk is the “Best in the World” and that he is the top guy right now and with Heyman you believe it because he himself believes it. That’s the difference you get with both of these men, they’re straight-shooters and they’re going to tell you exactly how it is and what they’re thinking. To everyone who thinks that they’re not a good fit, you definitely haven’t paid enough attention. I hope that this is a duo that takes us into the new year because it’s been an extremely successful one and one I’ve enjoyed watching.

Wade Barrett seems to be well on his way to that World Championship that he was destined for before he was sidelined with an unfortunate injury. He has come back more focused and nastier than ever. I’ve always been one to enjoy Wade’s work and I felt that he was the most complete Nexus member during his early days on the main roster. I truly believe Wade is ready to be a main-event player and I think he deserves the nod even more than the Money in the Bank holder, Dolph Ziggler. I really see Wade as having the complete package in the ring and that’s probably because he’s quite a bit more established than most that have just started in WWE in the last few years. ┬áHe’s also had a more prominent role longer than a lot of the Superstars on the cusp of their big break who are on the roster right now. Barrett needs to continue developing his character and within the next six months to a year, he should be finding his way to a World Championship match. It will be interesting to see just how quickly the front office feels they can run with him as champion though. Only time will tell.

Barrett’s already battling the World Champion, soon he’ll be headlining PPVs for the title as well.

Kofi Kingston won the Intercontinental Championship this past week on Main Event (which we don’t get in Canada by the way). Too bad WWE spoiled the change on their website and Tout (does anybody actually use that?). I get why WWE spoiled the change, everybody was going to go to the news sites to find it anyways so why not have it right on for the hits? Kofi deserved the title, I mean let’s get that out there. There aren’t many people that don’t like Kofi and there aren’t many that don’t respect Kofi, I know I do. I like the fact that they did a quick change off Miz as I’m an Attitude Era guy and I like the fast title changes because I feel it creates more unpredictability. The whole thing I don’t really understand is that Kofi just continues to stay with the status quo and I don’t see him rising above that anytime soon. This is a man that should have had a WWE Championship run in 2009 and yet it never happened and he has since been going between the mid-card titles and tag-team titles. Another IC Title run is not what this Superstar needs and if Kofi doesn’t go above where he’s been for the last three years, I can see him falling quickly out of favour in WWE where the new faces are really starting to take over.

That’s it for this week in WWE, check us out next week for more thoughts and insight into all things WWE!



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