Another week has gone by in WWE and yet another Divas has left the ranks of the organization. In other happenings, Randy Orton is out next week as is John Cena. The big news coming out of this week is the confirmation of Sara Del Ray being brought in to train the NXT talents. All that and more this week in WWE!

Kelly Kelly parted ways with WWE this week after a year in which we didn’t see much of the blonde bombshell. Kelly came a long way during her time with the sports-entertainment organization but, seeemed to want more coming into this year. What once was a very prestigious division in WWE has now become a revolving door of champions and once you have become the Divas Champion, what else is really left? It’s been reported by many outlets that Kelly left to pursue outside endeavours which makes a lot of sense considering she’s been getting back into modelling as of late. Kelly rose to prominence with the now-defunct ECW brand of WWE in 2006 performing Kelly’s Expose, a striptease show that would air every week. Kelly would then go on to begin managing here and there and then wrestling finally capturing the Divas Championship in June and holding it until October. Kelly showed a ton of improvement and will definitely leave a void with so many female wrestlers leaving the organization and more to follow.

Kelly Kelly has been released after 6 years with WWE.

The Divas division as a whole seems to be taking a firm direction with the Kaitlyn injury storyline, it’s interesting to note that Beth has been a very active part of this storyline considering her impending departure. What a match between Beth and Nattie by the way! It was certainly a throwback to the strong Women’s Division at the turn of the century and a great way to showcase two of the best workers in the industry. Beth and Nattie have always been the workhorses and have taken a lot of tough losses and weird storylines but, have always been there to carry the more inexperienced women and help them along. Apparently there are some big storylines in the works for the girls and let’s hope so too, they’ve been neglected far too long.

Beth seems to be a front-runner to be the masked assailant that attacked Kaitlyn.

Sara Del Rey has been hired by WWE to train the Divas according to a Tout sent out by head trainer Bill DeMott and they could not have picked anyone better! Sara is an extremely well-trained and well-traveled wrestler. She’s worked in some of the most diverse companies in the world, perhaps most famous for her stints in Ring of Honor with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli as The Kings of Wrestling. Del Rey brings a wealth of experience and a ton of wrestling knowledge to learn from and I can’t wait to see how she improves the Divas.

Kofi Kingston is one Superstar who really seems like he’s been held back. Think way back to his interactions with Randy Orton a couple years ago, Kofi seemed next in line to take the WWE Championship and yet, nothing. I feel like Kofi more than anyone else on the roster has proven his reliability and accountability in the ring and I really can’t see why he hasn’t been given the opportunity. The only possible problem I can see from an office standpoint is that he’s on the small side however, so is CM Punk. I just feel like Kofi is really getting shafted when he deserves so much more for being relatively injury-free, suspension-free, and having great matches and charisma since being brought up to the main roster. Kofi’s time is now.

Mick Foley continued his amazing ability to deliver a thought-provoking, well-said promo this week in his delivery to CM Punk. Foley always raises the right points at the right times and should be utilized in situations like these more often. This man has a gift that few possess in wrestling and that is the ability to move people, everyone hangs on his every word and there is certainly a lot more that Mick can bring to the table. I would definitely not oppose Mick returning to the announce desk where he was one of the most intelligent colour-commentators in recent memory. Mick Foley is a valuable commodity in any capacity that the company chooses to use him.

Foley delivered this past Monday night.

Dolph Ziggler continues to hold this Money in the Bank briefcase and it scares me for one reason, he keeps mentioning Hell in a Cell. If he does use the briefcase at HIAC, the contract will have lost all surprise factor. They can tease all they want but, if they go ahead and spoil their own storyline it will be a colossal failure on the part of WWE. This is one of the few surprises left in wrestling with the Internet telling fans everything they want to know, if this one goes then the briefcase loses all meaning. Dolph does need to cash-in sooner rather than later but, it needs to be done randomly, maybe even a house show, how different would that be? Just a thought but, a good idea to surprise people and start a Raw/SD off with footage from that show. Dolph Ziggler will be the World Champion by the end of the year.

Will he or won’t he cash in?

That’s it for “This Week in WWE” check back next week for my latest thoughts on the week’s events!


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