This week in WWE was a CM Punk filled affair with three tv main events! AJ gets coached, Bryan and Kane become stale, and Sheamus battles Big Show this week in WWE!

CM Punk has been WWE Champion just under a year and what a year it has truly been. I’ve always found that just when you think you know who CM Punk is, he shows another side of himself that you haven’t seen before. Punk doesn’y just change his looks, or his personality, he changes his style too. He has created many different personas already under the WWE banner without fans even noticing. At the core, he’s always the same old Punk but, he has enough layers to make him continuously relevant. His work ethic is something to behold as well being part of three television main events this week which not many people can say they’ve done no matter what company you work for. Punk is truly the glue holding the whole operation together today and I can honestly say I don’t know where this company would be without him right now. I liken this situation to the situation back in the mid-90s where Shawn Michaels was easily carrying the company on his back when it was ready to implode.  It may not be that dire but, things are definitely getting there.

Paul Heyman has been a breath of fresh air for the CM Punk character and it’s been great to see Paul E. back again.

Team Hell No were a bright spot for many weeks on WWE programming but, they seem to have finally hit a snag. It’s sad to see the team become so stale so quickly. Saying “I’m the tag-team champions” over and over again does not equal compelling television, it was funny the first time, not the tenth and eleventh. Kane and Bryan both have creative minds and the drive to do much better than this and I wish they would be given some freedom to go with this storyline because it has shown that it can be brilliant. This has been the story as of late for most of the WWE product, stories start out hot but, quickly fade with a massive lack of direction. WCW failed at the turn of the century because of this same problem and I’m beginning to grow weary of the same thing happening to WWE. As for Kane and Bryan, there needs to be a better plan in place as to where this team is going in the long run or how they’ll eventually break apart and I just don’t think there is one right now. What is their distinct purpose? I don’t think anyone has that answer right now.

He’s the tag-team champions, and so is Daniel Bryan. WE KNOW!

AJ has a coach. or does she? She seemingly kicked him to the curb last week and I can only imagine we’re about to get that answer now on Raw. AJ was another victim of the current landscape in WWE. She took her character to new heights and was given a GM position which just doesn’t really fit her persona. AJ is doing wonderfully in her position and I really don’t think she is the problem as much as the way she is being pushed to take the character is. One second she can carry on completely normal conversations, the next she’s crazy. If you’ll remember, when she started this storyline, she was completely crazy. There’s just weirdness when it pertains to her character that I can’t really explain, it’s almost like they forget she’s supposed to be crazy. I just hope there’s some renewed interest in making her character matter again soon, it was one of the few bright points this year.

AJ is thrust into seemingly any position these days and in far less clothes than the ‘girl next door’ is used to.

Big Show is quickly becoming the dominant heel again as happens once every six months. Here’s the thing, whenever WWE doesn’t have any ideas, they throw Show in there because they know he can work well with anybody. While I don’t have a problem with that, I do have a problem with the fact that we pretty much can guess the outcome every single time. I believe the giving Show a nice title run would gain some interest from viewers because he’s never been able to establish himself as a champion despite being a multi-time champion and a long-tenured veteran. We’ll see what the future holds for Show who may just be retiring in the near-future anyways.

I’m hoping for a Big Show victory inside the Cell, even though I know that won’t happen. It may be good for Sheamus to gain a victory here though.

Ratings have been plummeting lately and I for one can see why. The whole organization has lacked direction and is in need of some change and I hope it comes soon. Vinny Mac is delivering a State of then WWE address tonight and I hope we get some answers as to what we can expect in the coming months tonight. The competition that WWE has with WCW and ECW is sorely missed 11 years after those companies closed their doors. What was initially viewed as a victory is now a defeat. TNA is suffering from the same problems as WWE is and there just isn’t much that can be done until these companies realize the edgy storylines and characters who are themselves are the way to go. You can’t create a star, you can only help it burn bright.

Let’s hope we get some changes within WWE tonight, actually Brian Gewirtz has been removed from his head writer position so that’s one thing. Until next week, folks!


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