Mappy Kids is a platformer game that was released by Namco in 1989 for the Nintendo Famicom. This game i s a sequel to the arcade game Mappy. There were other Mappy games also released for the Famicom before this one, like Mappy, and Mappy Land.

In this game you play as the son of Mappy and your goal is to build a house so that you can get a wife to marry you!  There are lots of stages to visit on the world map, and on each stage you need to collect money so that you can start buying parts for your house.

The levels are varied, and very colorful. You can jump and hover down by spinning your tail. You can also kick enemies and break certain blocks by kicking.

You have a life bar and you can get hurt quite a few times, but each time you get hurt you loose a large amount of money that jumps away in a bag, you can still grab it if you’re lucky. However if you jump into a hole or water you will loose a life immediately and spawn further back in the level, not being able to pick up your cash again.

There’s round white Yen coins which give you 100¥, and there are pink boxes that you can open by kicking them, they contain mostly diamonds and jewelry, worth up to 1000¥. You can also find speed boots that make you jump higher and run faster.

This laundry looks suspicious… anybody else catch a questionable reference? ;D

After each stage you get to hit a slot machine, first you see what kind of perk you will be able to win. 100¥, 50.000¥ or a secret box or perhaps extra lives?

After that you hit the slot machine again to see who you’re up against..

There’s three different cats, and I haven’t noticed a difference really, but perhaps they have different difficulties. There are three different games that you can get to play against the cats. If you win you get to keep your perk, if not you loose money. The first game is holding up the correct flag. It’s easy to spot Red from White even though it’s in japanese since the letters are the corresponding color. However, you need to be able to read the rest of the sentence to know whether to hold red up, or red down, or don’t hold red up. There’s a 50/50 chance of getting it right though ;D

The second game you can get to play is pushing the cat of the podium, just buttom mash A and press to the right and hope for the best! (Notice the cute Pacman ghosts in the audience, and Mr. Driller!) 😀

Damnit! >_<

The third game is to compare two pictures and find the differences. This is pretty easy and the computer always gets a few wrong. You each take turns and there’s a time limit. I like how the pictures are filled with Namco references ^_^

After the competitions are done you get to the shop where you get to buy something (if you can afford it!!) to your future house.

In the beginning when you can only afford the door your house doesn’t look like much:

But after a few stages it will start looking better ^_^

The stages are very varied and colorful, I didn’t get bored playing it because there were always new sceneries and challenges. Like finding ways to get up to high areas, avoiding water traps, finding treasures, and beating loads of enemies!

Eventually I managed to finish my house, by buying everything in the store, even the sun! 😀 Then I got this nice HAPPY ending:

The game also has a two player mode, in this mode you compete with the other player about who can collect the most cash on each stage and who finishes their house first. But it’s basically the same gameplay. The map is a bit shorter since there’s lots more cash and treasure on the stages.


Graphics 8/10

[box_dark]The character and enemy sprites are really cute and the animations are fluent. There’s also a huge amount of different enemy sprites! Everything from balloons, bugs, cats, butterflies, tires, cows, hedgehogs and lots lots more! The different stages are also very pretty, colorful and fun with loads of different platforms and obstacles to overcome.[/box_dark]

Music: 7/10

[box_dark]The music is cute and catchy, there are some variations in the tune, but it just fits so well with the scenery that you don’t notice it.[/box_dark]

Gameplay 9/10

[box_dark]It’s a really fun and cute platformer with great controls and varied locations for each stage. The objective also keeps you going. You keep seeing advances in your house whenever you buy stuff which makes you want to collect more and do better to be able to buy the more expensive things. [/box_dark]

Japanese 8/10

[box_dark]There’s a little bit of japanese, most if it you don’t have to understand though to be able to play. Except for that one competition in between stages with the red and white flags. I would say it’s a very playable game anyway.[/box_dark]

Total: 32/40

[box_dark]When I bought Mappy Kids I thought it would be as the label states a “kids game”, but it proved me wrong. It was really fun! And also a bit challenging. The gameplay itself reminded me a lot of Chip n’ Dale for the NES, but the added objective of collecting money to build a house was fun, made it more challenging and gave you a purpose. You also had to make sure to collect everything as much as you could to be able to afford your house upgrades, and that’s right up my alley since I love looting ;D[/box_dark]



  1. Mappy Kids, in my opinion, is the best and cutest Mappy sequel ever. The gameplay actually reminds me of Super Mario Bros. 3 with the platforming, and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 with collecting lots of Yen or treasure to build a house. It also had some fun party games compared to Mario Party. I don’t own Mappy Kids or a Famicom, but I heard this game is fun, I feel like Namco of Japan should expand the cute franchise, I thought of a few ways though.


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